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March 16th, 2017
Spring is in the air! Is HVAC service needed?

Yes, it is that time of year again! Spring is the time of year when we look forward with equal amounts of joy and dread to blooming plants, warm weather and hot windy conditions. For those unfortunate enough to sufferer with allergies, they fully understand what it feels like to be congested and unable to breath properly. This is exactly how a poorly maintained air conditioner feels! The Spring, more than any other time of the year, is that the time to inspect and maintain your HVAC systems. Doing so will avoid costly failures caused by such things as clogged air filters, broken belts and plugged condensers.

CFESA The benefits of a spring ‘reboot’ and ongoing maintenance are numerous and should be the focus of any cost conscious foodservice or facilities manager. First, as already highlighted above, air conditioning that cannot breathe properly is likely to be stressed, which can lead to failures due to the unit operating outside the original design specification. Secondly, HVAC units that are working too hard are consuming additional power, which as we all know, affects the bottom line. Finally, customer comfort must be a major consideration. A well-maintained unit can achieve the required temperature quicker and operates much quieter.

So, what’s the next step? Well, luckily there are lots of choices. For those with an internal maintenance department, make sure to contact them and schedule a performance check of your HVAC systems. For those who do not have internal support, contacting a professional service company is the best option. Once again there are lots of options here. If you already have a service company looking after your refrigeration equipment they may well be able to help you. Some service companies such as our own General Parts Group have specialized in supporting the foodservice industry across all types of commercial equipment, including HVAC systems. If your existing service company does not offer HVAC service, then you will need to call another company that specializes in HVAC service. Whatever your circumstances, here are some tips to get the most for your service dollar;

  • 1. If you are working with a new service provider, verify that they have commercial HVAC experience in a foodservice environment and carry the proper licensing and insurance.
  • 2. Ensure your service provider can easily access the roof, especially if your roof is shared with others.
  • 3. Make sure all air filters are changed. New air filters should have the installation date written on them.
  • 4. All moving parts should be lubricated.
  • 5. Condenser coils should be washed out and roof drains should be cleared to allow water to drain from the roof.
  • 6. All belts should be replaced and should also be dated.
  • 7. Make sure your vendor leaves your roof neat and tidy, all old air-filters should be removed and disposed of properly. If possible, ask for photos of the before and after maintenance.
  • 8. Set up a planned maintenance agreement with your provider and develop a schedule that checks and maintains your HVAC systems. These agreements often contain provisions for spare air-filters and belts to be left on site in case of an emergency.

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General Parts Group is a provider of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Services . Founded in 1939, the company has grown to be distributer of O.E.M. parts and provides service for over 60,000 customers and 400 manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment. Corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and with major branch operations strategically located in Arizona(2), Colorado, Florida, Idaho(2), Illinois, Indiana(2), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri(2), Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma(2), Oregon(2), Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin(2), we are ideally positioned to provide Quality Service for over one third of the United States. We are viewed as the market leader in most of the markets we serve and in terms of overall sales, General Parts Group ranks in the top five of independent service companies nationally.

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