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Everybody needs to eat right? General Parts Group is an essential community partner servicing literally every type of Foodservice facility imaginable. From Taco Trucks to the Town Hall you’ll find GP technicians playing their part in keeping the community fed! That’s why so many foodservice equipment manufacturers trust us to support your needs with O.E.M. parts distribution and quality repair services through warranty period and beyond.

We’re extremely proud to serve the entire community because we believe that everyone deserves quality service. We get it, we might all be in the business of serving food, but the needs of each facility are unique. We get that holidays are the best time to do school kitchen maintenance; that new equipment installs in a restaurants need to be done out of standard hours, and no matter where you are, no ice is a disaster!

In the last month alone we worked at airports, schools, fairgrounds, car-dealerships, breakfast joints, fire departments, casinos and even Wrigley Field! Markets Served

So, if you have a commercial kitchen and need help, we’re here for you. Please visit your nearest location to find out more details.

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