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July 13, 2015
Why use water filters on your Ice machine Systems?

What do you think the percentage of water is in hot & cold beverages, such as coffee, tea, fruit juice and fountain soda?

Coffee is 98% water

If you live in a municipality that has a water plant, it is treating your city water to remove bacteria in order to provide safe drinking water to the public. Typically at the water plant chemical additives such as chlorides, chlorine & chloramines are used, all of which can and will affect the taste of the water. Water can also have other minerals such as iron or sulphur (most commonly) that also has an effect on the water’s flavor.

Fountain Soda is 85% water

For this reason, soda machine companies recommend and install water filtration units on their machines to remove these minerals and chemicals. By doing so the quality and flavor of the product is protected.

When the soda machine is installed with a water filtration system, the beverage tastes great, but there’s one problem - no one likes warm soda. Naturally the resolution is to add some ice. We now have a cold glass of soda but now it tastes…funny. What is going on?

Ice is 100% water!

If the water used to make the ice is left unfiltered and then added to soda, we just reversed the effect of the soda machine’s filter system by adding everything we just took out, back into the finished product!

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