PureFX™ Disinfectant ‘Spray and Walk away’ Products from General Parts Group

With the pandemic griping the foodservice industry, keeping surfaces clean and free of germs has never been more essential for foodservice companies. For this reason, General Parts Group is offering a new service of disinfecting at our customer sites, with one of today’s leading disinfecting solutions, PureFX™. This powerful disinfectant is designed to both deodorize as well as disinfect all of the surfaces and hard-to-reach areas in your commercial kitchen.

What is PureFX™?

PureFX™works with Selectrocide®, an incredibly powerful chemical compound, unlike any other disinfecting solution. It’s so strong that it can be diluted more than 200 times than other alternatives and still disinfect and eliminate bacteria and viruses. However, what makes it truly unique is that it does not affect the condition of your surfaces, unlike other products that can cause wear and tear like oxidation and bleaching.

Why we Partnered withPureFX™?

PureFX™ is one of today’s leading disinfecting products and has been designated so safe that the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has stated it can even be used directly on food. It also eliminates Listeria, MRSA, Staph, E. coli, and COVID-19 in as little as ten minutes.

How will we Apply PureFX™?

Upon arrival at your location, our field service technicians will ask permission to spray the area they are to work within.  You will have the option to have the area sprayed both before and after service. Technicians will carry a copy of the MSD sheet for the customer to review. This will be standard practice for our technicians on service calls for no extra charge.  However, if you as a customer decide that you like the product and benefits and would like external support with its application then we will work with you to create a service plan.

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For more information about using PureFX™ for your foodservice equipment and surfaces, contact General Parts Group online today or call (888) 498-1238.