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The Power of Partnership….

General Parts Group's Alto-Shaam Authorized Service Partner of the Year Award.

By Gary Shermann, CFSP – President, General Parts Group

Recently General Parts Group was named the recipient of the Alto-Shaam Authorized Service Partner of the Year Award.  Although we were honored to receive this recognition, the honor is shared with Alto-Shaam, because without their partnership, winning the award would not have been possible.

We are very proud of our Authorized Service Partner relationship with Alto-Shaam for over 40 years.  With a common goal of striving for service excellence in every call, we partnered with Alto-Shaam to right-size our field support model.   We call this our Dedicated Tech Program.  Together, we selected the proper number of technicians needed in each market, reviewed our inventory needs to support an 80%+ FTF (First Time Fix), and instituted new pre-visit and pre-site departure protocols to ensure we had top-level communication and the best ability to achieve a high FTF.

Internally, we review every Alto-Shaam call each week to ensure we understand why we hit the mark and conversely, why we may have missed the mark.   Each week, this analysis is shared with Alto Shaam.   Quarterly, we hold a joint meeting to recap performance, review feedback from our clients, and make any necessary adjustments to the program.

The benefits of executing this program are almost too numerous to list but some of the main benefits have been:  1) significantly improved FTF performance 2) improve our response time 3) improve the customer experience and satisfaction 4) streamline our inventory 5) streamline our training needs and 6) create expert Alto Shaam technicians.

We look forward to working with Alto-Shaam and the continuous improvement steps we have in place to provide the best possible service to all of our foodservice equipment customers.

Together General Parts Group and Alto-Shaam are taking service to the next level…Destination – SERVICE EXCELLENCE!

If you or your company are interested in learning more about our dedicated tech program or have an interest in developing a new program please reach out to Gary Schermann at garys@generalparts.com