Commercial Pizza Oven Repair Services

In a high-volume pizza restaurant, the oven is in constant operation and is one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment you have. That’s why keeping them well-maintained is essential to drive consistency and avoid breakdowns.

At General Parts Group, we not only install commercial pizza ovens, we’ve helped many keep their commercial pizza ovens in great condition by offering quality commercial oven repairs and planned maintenance. Here’s how we can help!

Some of the Brands We Service

Deck Pizza Oven Repair

  • Blodgett
  • Garland
  • Lincoln
  • Marsal
  • Middleby
  • Pizza Master
  • Turbo Cheff
  • Turbo Air
  • XLT

Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens We Service

Convection Oven:

Convection ovens circulate air to ensure an even temperature inside the oven. This type of oven comes up to temperature quickly but can achieve the same results as a conventional oven at a lower temperature. It is claimed that these are one of the least expensive ovens for the throughput and they use less power to reach and maintain temperature. These ovens can cook other products and are not necessarily strictly designed just for pizza cooking. Convection ovens can be purchased as either gas or electric.

Conveyor (Impinger) Pizza Oven:

Conveyor (Impinger) Pizza OvenThe name gives it away! Conveyor Ovens are really all about movement, in that pizzas are transported through the oven on a belt. This type of oven is very efficient from a productivity perspective, so it is ideal for busy kitchens and can even be stacked for even higher output. Conveyor ovens use convection heat that comes from both beneath and above using jets of hot air. An additional benefit of this type of oven is that it is very precise in that it is difficult to under or overcook the product. Conveyor ovens are available in gas and electric or even dual fuel.

Deck Pizza Oven

Commercial Appliance Brands Repair Here is another pizza oven type where the name gives it away! Yes, Deck ovens are characterized by the cooking base/shelves (decks) which are made of stone. Radiant heat is used to cook, which in conjunction with the stone deck somewhat mimics a traditional wood-fired brick oven. It is claimed that this oven gives a more authentic taste and is good for pizza crusts which require more rise. Repairs are rare due to the lack of moving parts and the simplicity of the oven makes it also easy to maintain. This type of oven is also available in gas or electric.

Professional Installations 

Commercial Oven InstallationWhen it comes to installing commercial ovens, General Parts Group is equipped to install nearly any type of oven for your commercial kitchen. Having your commercial oven professionally installed protects your manufacturer warranty agreement, giving you peace of mind that you are covered should your unit need repair.

Our Planned Maintenance & Repair Services

When you trust General Parts Group for your planned maintenance and repair services, we inspect, tag, and catalog your equipment’s current state and offer maintenance and efficiency suggestions.

Regular maintenance provides a host of benefits, such as:

  • Lifecycle cost analysis, measure your R.O.I.
  • Regular safety checks
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • Positive impact on food quality
  • Lower overall maintenance and repair costs
  • Less down time
  • Fewer emergencies
  • On-demand service
  • Energy-efficient operation

Repairing & Maintaining Your Commercial Pizza Oven

Commercial Pizza Oven Repair and MaintenanceIf you own a conveyor oven, there are some things you can do on a daily basis to keep it running well, including removing the crumb trays from below the conveyor belt and cleaning them each night. General Parts Group can also remove and clean the conveyor itself when needed to keep it running smoothly. We also offer maintenance and repairs for convection ovens, such as intake fan removal and cleaning, as well as inspecting the flue where the fan attaches and removing any food debris that may have been caught there. Additionally, we’re equipped to replace oil for those convection oven fans that require it.

Why Choose General Parts Group for Commercial Oven Repairs?

When you trust the General Parts Group team with your commercial oven repairs and maintenance, we’re always committed to customer satisfaction.Our service team is familiar with virtually all equipment brands, many as a warranty authorized agent. We’ve worked with many different manufacturers over the years, giving us a wide range of experience.

Contact us online today if you’re in need of maintenance or repairs or want to learn more about our services or call (888) 498-1238.