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Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms for payment of service billing will be Net 10 days from date of invoice.
  2. Warranty must be claimed at the time service is requested.
  3. Customer is responsible for all charges not specifically covered by manufacturer’s warranty on the equipment.
  4. Labor will be charged from the time the Service Technician leaves the shop until the time of return.
  5. We charge for all estimates. Estimate charges may be applied to completed repairs. Estimates will be honored for 30 days.
  6. Buyer agrees to pay collection costs incurred to collect the account balance, including reasonable attorney fees.

In-Shop Repair Policy

Customer must provide a valid credit card upon dropping off a unit for repair unless the Customer already has an open account with General Parts.

A standard labor rate equal to one (1) hour of labor (rates vary by location) will be charged to the Customer as a diagnostic fee. In addition, if the diagnosis takes longer than one (1) hour, the Customer will be charged for the excess time in 15-minute increments at the same hourly rate.

Once the diagnosis process is complete, General Parts will provide Customer with an estimate for the repair. The Customer will have one (1) week to approve or reject the estimate. If the estimate is rejected, or the Customer does not respond within the one (1) week timeframe, General Parts will charge the provided credit card or account for the incurred diagnostic fees.

If the Customer proceeds with the repairs, General Parts will notify the Customer when the repair is complete and provide the Customer with a final total and one (1) week to pick up the unit. If the Customer decides not to continue with the repair, Customer will have the option to have General Parts reassemble the unit back to the condition it was in upon drop off, and Customer will be charged for the labor time associated with reassembling the unit.

If the unit is not retrieved by the Customer within 30 days of receiving notification, the Customer will be charged an additional holding/disposal fee which will be equal to one (1) hour of labor and General Parts will dispose of the unit in accordance with applicable laws. This charge will be applied to the provided credit card or to the Customer’s account.

By leaving a unit with General Parts for diagnosis and possible repair services, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions stated above.