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2020 Brings Extra Meaning to RFMA Gives

By: Michael Brown – Key Account Manager

This year’s Restaurant Facilities Management Association’s RFMA Gives recipient was Dorothy Day’s Soup Kitchen in Rock Hill SC. RFMA Gives is RFMA’s charitable initiative, allowing RFMA members an opportunity to pool their talents and resources to renovate a non-profit food service organization’s facility. With each RFMA Gives project, RFMA Gives hosts an annual Volunteer Day. General Parts Group was again able to help support this annual event as we have for many years now.

Providing Daily Meals & Hope to the Community

Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen is a fully donation funded organization. The services they provide are needed now more than ever. Since the COVID virus began,the effect on the local economy has been devastating and their demand has tripled. At times I am sure it has felt like they would not be able to meet that demand. However, their team and community always find a way to have enough for every person who comes to them. Not only do they provide daily meals but also person hygiene products and support. My colleague JR Weber and I were humbled to be able to help give back to this great organization during the volunteer day.

General Parts Group Helps Those in Need

Part of our core values at General Parts Group is our community commitment. “We are proud of the community we create and those we serve. We are devoted to giving back to our local communities and delivering a positive social impact.” Another reason that this company is such a great fit for me personally. I love being able to give back and help others in need. General Parts Group always finds a way to help in any way they can for the annual RFMA Gives project no matter where it is located.

Over the course of the day the 2020 RFMA Gives volunteer team impacted the building and surrounding grounds in amazing ways. Inside and outside were completely revitalized to help make the most of every donation they get. All the light fixtures were changed to super energy-efficient LED’s, even adding in more lights to areas that needed them. The HVAC systems were upgraded with state-of-the-art thermostats to help control inefficient energy usage. Common area walls were repainted to a brighter more vibrant color. Helping to radiate the natural light coming in. Old window coverings replaced by efficient and beautiful roller shades. The exterior of the building had an amazing rejuvenation with all shrubs and bushes being trimmed and new mulch added. Just absolutely amazing the impact made in one 7-hour day.

The best part was they did not miss a beat in getting all their lunches packaged up and their own volunteers out across the street ready to hand out that days’ meals. Keep in mind they must package all items to go now since they are not able to do in-person food service due to COVID restrictions and social distancing. Watching all the vehicles come through to pick up food is both touching and disheartening. If you have a local food pantry or free food distribution site, please consider donating anything you can to help your fellow neighbor. Food, time, or money. Anything will help. Your fellow neighbor might be struggling, and you might not even know it.

We will be involved in the next RFMA Gives project that will be in Nashville in late 2021. I look forward to the impact RFMA and General Parts Group can make for the next community partner.

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