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CFESA Business Recertification

General Parts CFESA Certified Technicians

By Anne Gall – Training & Development Specialist

CFESA’s Mission of the CFESA Company certification process is to provide a benchmark for all industry service companies to strive for, which helps companies create an environment of customer service and professionalism within their organizations. Once a business becomes a CFESA Certified Company the company must be re-certified every 5 years. General Parts Group is thrilled to announce that in 2020 we have once again recertified as a CFESA Certified Company. This is a great accomplishment for us as it continues to demonstrate our leadership, support, and commitment to our customers and the commercial foodservice industry.

CFESA Company Re-certification is no easy process as it requires advanced planning and rigor to ensure the re-certification goals can be met. During the re-certification process companies must provide documentation that demonstrates how they have met the CFESA re-certification goals. First, the company must be an established, current CFESA voting member in good standing, and must provide documented proof that they are a financially stable foodservice equipment provider. Then, the re-certification criteria are point-based and focus on four goals:  Training, Participation, Industry Relations, and Professionalism. A company must obtain a minimum of 120 points out of a possible 158 to become a CFESA Re-Certified Company.

  • General Parts Group employees attending both manufacturer and CFESA school training classes, obtaining CFESA certifications, and becoming CFESA Master Certified Technicians all contribute to earning Training Goal
  • Including the CFESA logo on company communications, websites, industry conventions, and/or trade show displays, service vehicles and technician uniforms of certified technicians are some ways to earn points for Participation Goals. Also, there are several ways for employees at all levels within the organization to actively engage with CFESA, such as: serving as CFESA board members, hosting, speaking, or attending CFESA regional meetings and/or annual conferences, being a trainer for a national CFESA training course, leading or becoming an active CFESA committee member, and writing articles for the CFESA magazine.
  • Having employees who are CFSP certified, Top Achievers, or serve as board or committee members for allied associations within the Commercial Foodservice industry; along with offering preventative maintenance programs, a customer feedback system, and a 90-day warranty for service work/parts are all ways to earn points for the Industry Relations.
  • Ways to earn points for the Professional goals include displaying the General Parts Mission Statement at all branch locations, having a company drug testing policy in place, and all company employees complete the required amount and type of training set by CFESA, such as safety, etc.

Attaining CFESA company certification independently validates General Parts Group as a premier service provider in the US. Company Re-certification demonstrates by action, our commitment to our Core Values of Safety, Integrity, Community, Teamwork, and Growth.

For more information about General Parts Group please visit our website at https://generalparts.com/ or call us at 1-888-498-1238.