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Learn the Foodservice Big Picture With a CFSP Certification

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By – The Editor

The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) is a trade association that was initially started to address the need for standardization of what is acceptable in the global foodservice industry. Over 600 commercial foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers who support each segment of the foodservice industry from Business & Industry, to the Military, to Travel & Leisure throughout North America, are members of NAFEM.

NAFEM provides its members with research that results in actionable data to assist them in knowing and understanding trends, changes in needs, etc. that aide them in planning and forecasting, as well as the tools to help with those activities. Collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), keeps its members on the cutting edge of evolving culinary trends, and the kinds of food service equipment needed to support them.

Certified Food Service Professional Designation
NAFEM has four areas for education which earn the designation of Certified Food Service Professional (CFSP), for their “comprehensive knowledge across all areas of the commercial foodservice E&S industry.”

General Parts Group’s NAFEM Connection
We at General Parts Group have team members that have gone through the certification program and bring that experience and knowledge back to General Parts Group to better our programs and to “Service Those who Feed the Nation”. Below, two of our team members share why they chose to attend the training courses, and their take-aways.

“Prior to taking the CFSP course, my industry knowledge was limited to what I was exposed to within my current role. I chose to take the CFSP course to better understand our clients so I could better understand their needs and better serve them. Achieving my CFSP designation is an illustration of my commitment to the foodservice community and makes me a more well-rounded member of the industry”.
JR Weber, CFSP, Director of Sales – General Parts Group

“I was completely new to this industry when I came into it six years ago. I’ve always been one to want to learn and excel. I learned of this certification early in my tenure with General Parts. Knowing I was new to the industry I had a lot to learn. Since our certification is widely spread across the industry, I knew I’d need help learning the required material, studying on my own would not give me the step above. The course offered by NAFEM, helped prepare me with the needed pertinent information. Douglas Fryett, course instructor, was very knowledgeable and made an eight-hour class day interesting. As an industry we focus on what might be the smallest of details, what fork, table décor, booth fabric to use to the largest of details such as equipment to use for one’s kitchen. I look forward to learning every day for many more years to come.”
Stephanie Moore, CFSP, Regional Manager – General Parts Group

Learn More About the NAFEM Today
If the valuable education, networking opportunities, and professional development made possible by NAFEM hadn’t piqued your interest in the past, we hope this overview does. For more information about membership and programs available visit https://www.nafem.org/what-we-do/.