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Local or Global Communication, the Choice is Yours!

Regional Manager at her desk

By Stephanie Moore – Regional Manager

One thing we at General Parts Group have learned over the last year is that our customers and industry partners are looking for streamlined/efficient options to request service for their commercial kitchen equipment. Many of our customers operate multiple locations, sometimes in multiple states. Having to keep track of which General Parts Group location to contact for service, can for these customers, be challenging. In the spirit of continuous improvement and through customer feedback, we are introducing a streamlined digital communication option for the request of a new service call as well as their follow-up calls. This allows our customers and industry partners to communicate efficiently with multiple General Parts locations, through one communication channel. Initially, this new option was trialed in 15 of our 29 locations.  With the positive feedback, we quickly added two more branches to the group. This expansion will continue throughout 2021 until all locations are covered by this team.

How does this new digital communication option work?

A service email address service@generalparts.com will gather all emailed branch-related service requests and forward them to a centralized team of Service Coordinators. This is a team of well-versed, service-driven individuals with decades of experience in our industry. They will handle all digital service requests that come in from customers, manufacturers, dealers, and even third-party customers. These requests could be for equipment start-ups, installations, preventative maintenance, repair, etc. They will also cover follow-up requests on existing services or ETA’s. Whatever it is, this team will handle it and make sure our customers receive the support they are looking for. Having a specialized team will ensure that consistent quality information is gathered to help expedite the service process for our customers.

What do our customers and partners need to do?

Well, as long as the service request is received via email then absolutely nothing, the whole process is automatic!

General Parts is excited to further expand this new communication option to deliver the best possible service to our clients who prefer digital communication. For those of you who are wondering if it is OK to call your local branch, the answer is a resounding YES. All of our branches are more than happy to book a service request via the phone, or our website, if that is what works best for the customer.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about this digital communication option, please reach out to me, Stephanie Moore at stephaniem@generalparts.com.