Meet Master Certified Technician, CFESA Trainer and Soon to be Podcast Virtuoso, Pat Finley!

General Parts Group's Master Certified Technician
By - The Editors

If you are a General Parts Group Indianapolis or Fort Wayne customer or work in either of those locations, you will probably already have worked with Pat and know him personally. However, if Pat gets his way with his up-and-coming podcast plans, all of us, not just at General Parts but across the industry, will get to know him a whole lot better.

Pat’s History with General Parts

Before we jump too far forward let’s get to know a bit more about Pat. Coming up to 11 years of service, Pat joined General Parts having initially been an electrician. His father worked in the foodservice equipment repair industry and persuaded Pat, knowing he was looking for a wider variety of work and a challenge that our industry could provide it. So, this is exactly what Pat did and continued to do for the next three years, until an opening came up at General Parts which offered greater opportunity for growth.

Developing His Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Skills

Since joining General Parts, Pat has developed his skills on a wider array of equipment including HVAC and refrigeration, and he has been able to fulfill a long-term ambition by becoming a trainer. This has resulted in Pat becoming a level 2 ‘train the trainer’ for both Garland clamshells and Frymaster fryers, and more recently he became a refrigeration trainer for our trade association CFESA, which Pat says is his proudest work moment to date. It’s fair to say Pat has found his home in our industry and it is turning into something of a passion.

Expanding to Podcast & Social Media with General Parts

It is this passion that is driving Pat out of his comfort zone to develop a Podcast and social media network to shine a light on our industry and aligned skilled trades. This project is something Pat will undertake in conjunction with General Parts, but it will very much be driven by his experience and in his own words. Please support Pat in this endeavor by following and sharing his material on the following social media channels.

Commercial Kitchen Chronicles on:

This does not keep Pat away from his original passion which is of course continuing to knock down service calls and learn more and more about the equipment we service every day.