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Not Just an Installation Trailer

General Parts Group service van and hydraulic trainer used to transport commercial kitchen equipment installation productBy Jason McGillivray – Director of Operations

General Parts Group has long had the goal of being a one-stop foodservice equipment partner for its customers and vendor partners. To deliver on that goal the company has been developing its services as well as expanding its territories. Nowhere has that service development been seen more than in General Parts’ foodservice equipment replacement and installation services.

Working in the foodservice industry, even in these difficult times is exciting, and that’s because there is always pressure to deliver. To double up on the excitement, the needs of our customers are extremely varied, ranging from a quick fix to swapping out an ‘end of life’ piece of equipment.

What we have learned from our customers when it comes to equipment swap-outs and installations are two things. Fast is good, fast and on the customer’s time schedule is better! With these lessons in mind, every little detail that can be improved in the process helps make a smoother and faster installation. Enter the ‘zero gravity’ trailer, it is just a small detail, just a humble trailer, but it makes a difference and that difference matters!

What exactly is a zero-gravity trailer and why does it matter? In our case the trailer in question is hydraulic and it is a thing of wonder. This 14ft long trailer has a full hydraulic bed and in just 15 seconds the entire bed will lower to the floor. Loading and unloading are now significantly quicker, and more importantly, also much safer for our technicians. Eight of our branches have these trailers in service and two more branches will take delivery over the holiday season. No doubt more will follow.

So, this is why this humble trailer can help beyond, well, just being a trailer. It helps our speed when installing commercial kitchen equipment, and is safer, and that is appreciated by everyone!