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Partnerships Drive Commercial Kitchen Innovation

By Gary Schermann, CFSP – President

Recently, General Parts Group hosted our friends from Phoenix Marketing for a tour of the General Parts Minneapolis offices and test kitchen/training center.  Phoenix Marketing is the new Sales Representative for the Middleby brands for Minnesota, North, and South Dakota.  This being a new market for Phoenix Marketing, they were looking for a place to store equipment, perform cooking demonstrations and establish a base office.

Fun fact…. General Parts Group Indianapolis office and Phoenix headquarters in Indianapolis are just a block apart, so we are used to seeing the Phoenix folks in our Indy test kitchen/training center very regularly.  Because of our long-term relationship in other markets, General Parts was able to check many of the boxes to facilitate a smooth entry into the new market.

How General Parts Can Help

Can we store and stage equipment at GP?  You-betcha!

Can we host demos and cooking events at GP?  You-betcha!! (with COVID protocols in place of course)

Can GP provide us an office to use?  We are still working on this one – but soon enough that will be another, you-betcha!!!

Chef Chris Reeves and the team have already held demonstrations in our facility.  We are proud to expand our relationship with Phoenix in their new territory and continue to be proud supporters of the Middleby brands.  There is no doubt that Phoenix will rise in Minnesota, North and South Dakota and we will be there to support them!

We Have Locations Across the Country

Having 30 brick-and-mortar locations sets GP apart from our competitors with a unique ability to provide solutions for all sorts of needs from Customers, Dealers, Reps, and Manufacturers.  General Parts Group has 5 existing test kitchens/training centers located in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and Denver with a 6th currently under construction in Portland, OR.

All our test kitchens/training centers are open for use by any of our channel partners at no charge and all our offices can receive and stage or store equipment.

You see… at GP we are much more than a service company – we are a partner and a solutions provider.  Just ask the fine folks at Phoenix Marketing!