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The Food Equipment Service Industry Gets Disruptive

Image of attendees of the FEDD meeting February 2020
By Stephen Bloomfield – Director of Marketing

It is not often that a new association forms in the foodservice industry, especially in the area of equipment service, but it happened in 2019. Enter company CEO Rich Malachy and his Creative Manager Angel Quiroz of Malachy Parts & Service. Together they have been working to lift the profile of our industry with the aim of attracting much needed new technician talent.

These efforts included the creation of the Food Equipment Digital Disruptors (FEDD) group on Facebook and that ultimately brought together 85 people to the first-ever FEDD Conference which was held in Miami over February 6th and 7th. Let’s just think about that for a moment, this event was orchestrated solely on social media and that fact goes to the very heart of why this conference and the goals of FEDD are unique and needed.

Quite simply FEDD is addressing the number one issue facing the commercial food equipment repair industry, the shortage of technicians who are obviously vital to future growth. The FEDD strategy, to help alleviate this issue, is to raise the profile of what we do through engaging social media, but the trick is to have as many food equipment industry insiders doing it as possible! That is where the conference comes in.

With attendees from software companies, equipment manufacturers, parts sellers as well as several service companies we were together with a highly engaged group and an inspirational group of speakers. Alongside Rich and Angel there where presentations from industry figures Erik Koenig of Heritage Foodservice, Josh Zolin of Windy City Equipment Services, Jennifer Davis of Davisware and Gian Carlo Alonso of Amerikooler, as well as presentations from marketing thought leaders Carlos Gil, Mike Moreno, and Ed Stulak.

Each presentation in its own unique way built on the principle of brand building and the creation of engaging content. In addition to these presentations, there was two very effective panel discussion packed with useful insight into the power of video. Personally, this was the first time I have ever spent an extensive period with a group of professional peers and exclusively talked about working ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ it. Very inspiring stuff.

General Parts Group was well represented with Gary Schermann, President, and JR Weber, Director of Sales as well as myself.

To join the Food Equipment Digital Disruptors group follow this link; https://www.facebook.com/groups/feddconf