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Employer Recognition of the Guard and Reserve

By Gary Shermann, CFSP - President, General Parts Group

We know good talent when we see it, and that was the case when Paul Schlador walked in the door to apply for a service technician position out of our Minneapolis branch. Paul is a diligent, personable, respectful gentleman who also happens to be a Chaplain, certified service technician and member of the Wisconsin National Guard.

During the hiring process, Paul explained that he may be called to duty in the near future, not knowing it would be two weeks later. With what was to be a two-week deployment, has been extended three times and we hope to have Paul back with us in October. We all understand what the commitment to duty to the Guard and Reserves means and we respect, support, and value it.


It is humbling for our Minneapolis Branch Manager, Rick Cotes, and General Parts Group to be recognized by Paul and selected by the U.S. Department of Defense for the prestigious Employer Patriot Award. At General Parts Group we respect and support all of our team members. It is our honor to work alongside our Guard, Reserve, and veteran employees.

General Parts Group is a company built by many veterans. Our leadership and employees support them and believe they bring great value and talent to our business.