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Quick Tips to Understanding Your Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer Warranty

Doing all you can to ensure you have smooth running foodservice equipment is paramount for your commercial kitchen operation. To ensure your investment is well managed and maintained, a vital partner in your operation is your authorized manufacturer warranty repair company. The following are some handy tips and advice to help you get the most not only from your warranty partner but also your equipment.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Warranty & Kitchen Equipment

•All new equipment is sold with a warranty each having its own set of terms and conditions; ensure you review this at the time of purchase. Typically, the larger more expensive items such as combination ovens carry a longer warranty, some as long as three years.

•Having made your purchase, keep your proof of purchase in a safe place and\or register your equipment for warranty coverage with the manufacturer. Check that you have a copy of your unit’s serial number and that the number matches any paperwork you may have been given.

•An important item to fully understand is what the manufacturer’s installation requirements are in regard to the user being in compliance with the warranty requirements. Some warranties are dependent on correct or authorized installation or authorized start-up and may require paperwork to be completed and submitted prior to the start of the warranty date. This ensures that your unit meets all installation parameters for optimal use. These parameters can include such things as ventilation, gas/water pressure, water quality/hardness, and correct electrical connections. Warranty claims could be declined if the equipment is not installed properly and by an authorized service agent.

•Warranties often cover all labor and parts required in a repair within the warranty period. In many cases, however, extended travel charges and after-hours calls are typically not covered.

•It is also important to understand that a warranty can be denied in certain circumstances. These circumstances include but are not limited to incorrect installation, poor or lack of maintenance, abuse of the equipment, and incorrect use. Be clear at the time of purchase as to what the warranty requirements are and what role you as the end-user play in protecting your coverage.

Should the unfortunate happen and your equipment fails, you have the option of calling the manufacture directly to request service or calling your local warranty agent. Most manufacturers have a warranty section within their website listing one or more local options. You can also check with your existing service provider should you have one.

General Parts Group
At General Parts Group, we work continuously to strengthen our manufacturer relationships, which require attending training programs, stocking mandatory replacement parts within our national distribution system, and having local, fast access to critical parts within our services branches. In addition to manufacturer warranty work, we offer full installation and start-up services that are not complete until our office staff has finalized the authorization and submittal process on your behalf. We believe this level of support is required to ensure that our client partners reach their maximum return on investment and we are proud to offer warranty support as a key service of our business.