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Finding the Right Commercial Dishwasher IS Important

Having clean and sanitary dishes and glasses is critical for any food business and cannot be emphasized enough as they not only protect health but also customer satisfaction. Choosing the right commercial dishwasher isn't glamorous but it will pay off for your restaurant, cafe, bar, or other food/drink establishment. Don't waste valuable space or money on a machine that does too little or too much. Read on to learn about choosing the right dishwasher and keeping it running properly with expert commercial dishwasher repair service from General Parts Group.

Many Options
You may be tempted to think it is "just a dishwasher" but the right dishwasher is an essential partner in an efficient and effective operation. There are several types of commercial dishwashers which are sometimes referred to as dish-machines or ware-washers and it is important to find the appropriate one for your establishment. This will depend on several factors including what you are washing, your volume, space available for the washer, and of course, your budget.

Types of Dishwashers
A glass washer is perfect for handling the glassware needs of a bar. These are generally small units that fit under the counter and are gentle on glass. They are a great addition for a bar area but will not handle the needs of a main kitchen.

A standard under the counter washer will work for a small restaurant but may have problems keeping up if your business has peak hours. Keep in mind most models use 20” x 20” plastic racks allowing about 750 dishes per hour.

Small door or rack machines use conveyors and can handle more volume. This type of dishwasher is used by most establishment that serve 100-150 meals per hour.

Large conveyor machines are designed to handle large volumes, anywhere from 5,400 to as much as 28,000 dishes per hour, and operate quickly but are more expensive and require significant space.

High Temp Versus Low Temp Machines
Sanitary dishes are must in the foodservice industry. In order to meet local government, FDA and NSF strict guidelines for ensuring sanitation either sanitizing chemicals or extreme heat is required to effectively remove bacteria.

As highlighted above there is a variety of dishwashers available in both high temperature and low temperature configurations. To meet compliance for removing bacteria - high temperature units may require a booster heater to heat water to at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit, this may be internal or require an additional piece of equipment in your kitchen. Low temperature dishwashers require the addition of chemicals to ensure sterilization.

When choosing the best equipment and setup for your commercial kitchen, best practice is to go with equipment that is certified by NSF, an organization that certifies commercial kitchen equipment that meet or exceed the requirements of the Food Code. It is also worth calculating the difference in running costs between the additional power requirements of high temp machines versus the chemical needs of a low temp machine. Your local restaurant equipment dealers and manufacturer reps will be able to help you in this regard.

Energy Efficiency Pays
Choosing a machine that uses less water and power/energy will make a big difference for your bottom line and the environment. You don't want to be washing money down the drain with an energy-wasting machine. Using an Energy Star dishwasher can result in savings of more than a $1,000 a year in water and power.

Expert Care for Your Commercial Dishwasher
Once you have chosen the right machine and had it installed properly, be sure to keep it working at peak efficiency. The manufacturer authorized service agents at General Parts Group are trained to handle your commercial dishwasher service. This includes regular maintenance as well as emergency commercial dishwasher repair service. They will get you back in business with original manufacturer equipment and expert service.

Contact General Parts Group today for commercial dishwasher repair service and more.