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The Benefit of a Full Lifecycle ASA Relationship

By Joe Johnson, Director of Manufacturer Relations

As an Authorized Service Agent (ASA), General Parts Group is committed to supporting our reps, dealers, manufacturing partners, and, most of all, our collective customers. One of the best ways to support the customer is via a full lifecycle relationship for the equipment in their commercial kitchen.

How an Authorized Service Agent (ASA) Can Help
Full lifecycle support for cooking equipment starts with the install. The install is critical as a large percentage of warranty calls on new equipment are due to challenges coming from the initial placement and hook up of the unit. An ASA is well versed in understanding the nuances of the equipment because the technicians are factory trained and certified. FYI – General Parts has brick and mortar locations for receiving, uncrating and staging equipment. When the install date arrives, we have hydraulic trailers to aid in ease of delivery. Finally, startups, performance checks, and staff training are all performed by the ASA.

The ASA collects a great deal of information about the equipment they service on every call starting with the install. Provided the same ASA provides all the food equipment service work, including installation, startup, performance check, warranty service and out of warranty service, they will have all the history on that particular unit. As the equipment begins to age and the warrantied timeframe expires it is important to have the ASA perform planned maintenance, they are the experts with access to all the history/lifecycle data that aid in proper upkeep.

Get the Best Commercial Kitchen Service for Your Needs
Finally, as years go by customers need to understand how much money has been invested in the unit, the benefit of paying for repairs on older equipment or possibly the need to purchase a new unit. These decisions should be based on history and the potential cost of repair… an ASA can help shed light on the various options that are available. Through data analysis, the ASA is capable of giving unbiased advice based on the lifecycle of the unit. General Parts Group offers full lifecycle support for your commercial kitchen equipment and we are here to support the challenges that face the commercial kitchen operator.