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Just What is an ASA?

Foodservice Kitchen

By Joe Johnson – Director of Manufacturer Relations

If you work in or manage a commercial kitchen then you know how important it is to keep your commercial cooking equipment in reliable working order; moreover, you probably have needed to call for service on a piece of kitchen equipment. If this piece of equipment was still in its warranty period, then you probably called either the manufacturer or your local equipment dealer for help. In this scenario, the local Authorized Service Agent (ASA) will be dispatched to undertake whatever service you need. This company may or may not be your regular service company.

Why Use an Authorized Service Agent?

So, what is an ASA and why do manufacturers use them? To be touted as an ASA means that there is a standing agreement between a local service company and the manufacturer in which the service company agrees to service that manufacturers equipment. These ASA’s are held to high standards set by that manufacturer.
Agreements between the manufacturers and ASA’s are unique but, in general terms, the more complex the equipment produced by the manufacturer the more demanding the agreement. These agreements, at a minimum, guarantee that the service company will use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and will dispatch manufacturer trained service technicians. Typically, the service provider will service customers in a specific geographic area while adhering to pre-determined specifications in a timely manner. Some agreements go further and require the service company to stock recommended parts in both the tech vehicles and the branch locations that support that technician. As is the case with most manufacturers and service companies, ongoing technician training is required as new equipment is developed and equipment populations grow in specific markets. Finally, most manufacturers audit service providers’ performance; in turn, the service companies provided performance data via reports to the manufacturers.

The ASA Difference

If you have been wondering why the ASA may not be your regular service company then the previous paragraph goes a long way to explain why that may be the case. Becoming an ASA requires an investment in training and OEM parts for an undetermined amount of work. Some service companies may find this unworkable; however, service companies that actively seek out these relationships may do so for the same reasons General Parts Group does. That reason is to stay ahead of the new equipment technology curve especially from an educational point of view, and secondly, to create new customer opportunities. Your ASA, in partnership with the manufacturer, are both focused on three things to benefit the equipment owner. First, ensure the best possible return on your investment. Next, a pain-free ownership experience. Last, the formation of a long-term relationship both during the warranty period and beyond.

General Parts Group

General Parts has ASA relationships with several prominent manufacturers in the commercial cooking industry. To find out which manufacturers we support click here. Select your Service Area and then click the Manufacturer List button in the green box on the left.