Let’s Celebrate National Skilled Trades Day

General Parts Group's Skilled Trades Employees

Here are just of few of our favorite pictures from the last 12 months showing our field service teams doing what they do best, and that’s keeping America cooking!

By Ed Eisen – Director of Operations

If it’s the first Wednesday in May, then it’s National Skilled Trades Day! If you have never heard of this day before, here is a little bit of background. The day was created and registered with the National Day Calendar in 2019 by City Machine Technologies. The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of working within the skilled trades and to celebrate the huge variety of career opportunities available.

Raising awareness of the skilled trades has become the focus of thousands of American companies. The growth of the four-year college degree as the de facto first choice by parents has led to shortages of qualified people in most skilled trades. The National Skilled Trades Day not only raises awareness, but it also helps to offset the misconception that skilled workers will experience career and financial limitations, which simply is not true.

Speaking for the food equipment service industry and more specifically our company General Parts Group, we can tell you that our technicians are amongst the highest compensated group in our company. This should come as no surprise after all, our Field Service and Parts Specialist teams directly generate our company’s income. So, we are invested in our technician’s success, we really, really want them to be awesome! Ongoing training, educational scholarships, tool allowances and permanent pay raises for passing CFESA industry certifications are just some of the benefits for joining our team.

Skilled trades are more than a job, they are a career. If you are interested in becoming a Field Service Technician for General Parts Group, then please visit are career pages here.

We also like to give a shout out and show our appreciation to the following people and companies who have been doing an inspired job of raising the profile of skilled trades and especially in our industry.

Rock The Trades – Learn more here.

Josh Zolin, author of Blue is the New White. A must read for any parent. Learn more here.

Rich Malachy, found of the Food Equipment Digital Disruptors (FEDD). Follow them on Facebook here.

And last but in no way least, a huge thank you to CMT for taking the initiative and giving us all a day to celebrate.