Tips for Maintaining Restaurant Equipment

Chefs preparing meals in a restaurant's kitchen
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When it comes to keeping your kitchen up and running, it doesn’t matter if you have a small restaurant or work in the food production industry, you need to rely on your kitchen equipment to get you through the day. That’s why staying on top of restaurant equipment parts and service is a must! At General Parts Group, it’s our goal to help our clients keep their facility running efficiently and effectively, which is why we’ve compiled some important information here.

Below you’ll find some of the best ways to keep up with restaurant equipment parts and service!

Tips for Fryers
For those with commercial fryers, it’s important to keep an eye on them by regularly performing duties such as:

  • Monitoring Your Fryer for Gas Leaks: A gas leak with your fryer can be a huge drain on energy, in addition to posing a potential health and safety hazard. Our service technicians recommend that you inspect your fryers every four to six weeks by spraying supply hoses with soapy water; if bubbles appear, there’s a leak.
  • Cleaning Your Combustion Fans: Cleaning your fryers’ combustion fans once a month will improve efficiency and prevent breakdowns.

Tips for Refrigeration Units
Your refrigeration units are designed to ensure that all of the food products you serve are of the utmost quality. You can perform your very own restaurant equipment parts and service checks by:

  • Inspecting the air filters
  • Checking the gaskets
  • Keeping your refrigeration units dry
  • Keeping drain pans and tubes free of debris
  • Cleaning the coils of your refrigeration units

If you find any issues or any of the components listed above need to be replaced, contact the team from General Parts to replace them with a quality OEM part.

Tips for Ranges, Grills, & Griddles
Last but certainly not least, your oven ranges, grills, and griddles help you serve up hot delicious meals for your patrons. You can keep them in great condition by:

  • Inspecting Grease Filters on Overhead Exhaust Units: Large buildups of grease not only decreases efficiency by restricting airflow but can also pose potential health and fire hazards, so clean your filters regularly.
  • Clean Flattops, Burners, & Grates: A dirty oven is a health hazard as well as a drain on efficiency. Each day be sure to thoroughly clean away any buildup of grease or other food particles to minimize the need for service repairs and maintain a healthy environment.

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