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The Best Tips for Food Equipment Service

<Stainless Steal Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchen equipment is increasingly more complicated with more moving parts and electronics than in the past. Our number one tip to ensure your commercial kitchen equipment is off to a great start is – have it installed by an Authorized Service Agent (ASA). This is the best way to avoid a number of problems including warranty issues. Most warranties require that you use an ASA for installation. If the manufacturer you decide upon, does not, it is best practice. Installation may not be included in your negotiated purchase price, as a critical step that must be done correctly, we recommend it be a part of the conversation.

The majority of early equipment issues and commercial kitchen repairs can be prevented by proper installation, to include a start-up of the machinery to ensure it is working properly. Start-up may be part of the purchase price but if not, it is definitely worth the investment.

Learning how to properly operate your new equipment and maintain it is also a critical component of running an efficient kitchen. An expert ASA will know the manufacturers’ standards for operation and maintenance and will train your staff. They will help you set up a schedule for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance. Some tasks such as daily cleaning will be performed by your staff while other maintenance will be done by the ASA. Regular and proper maintenance plans can help avoid disastrous and costly equipment failures that can shut down your operation. Commercial kitchen repairs may be prevented by following this cleaning and maintenance plan along with properly using the equipment. Because new equipment is often multi-use and computerized, this training is more important than ever before.

If you do have an equipment issue be sure to contact an Authorized Service Agent who is an expert on your machine. Not only is this the best way to get back in operation quickly, but it is also the best way to make sure the repair is done correctly. It will also protect your warranty coverage. Your staff should make note of any computer error codes and provide them to the ASA. Another tip is to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in any repairs. A trained ASA knows that OEM parts protect your investment in equipment.

For more tips, read this article by Michael Brown, General Parts Group Regional Sales Manager. Contact the highly trained ASAs at General Parts Group for expert assistance with all your installation, maintenance, and commercial kitchen repair needs.