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Top Reasons for Using Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Water, Water, Water
Water, it is one of those “little things” that can easily slip under your restaurant’s radar but can make a big difference for your bottom line if you give it some attention.

Good for The Environment
With the rising awareness of the damage being done to our oceans and other water sources by plastic water bottles, customers are demanding that restaurants stop using plastic bottles. Glass bottles are a problem as so many are not recycled. The environmental costs of bottling and transporting the water are an unnecessary use of resources. The environmentally friendly practice of using commercial filters to treat water on-site will make your customers happier.

Good Taste
Your customers will also be pleased to have better-tasting beverages, soups, vegetables, and so much more. Water is used to prepare so many things in the kitchen and using filtered water simply makes everything taste better. No one wants a drink or bowl of soup to taste like chlorine which is found in most water systems.

Good for Your Equipment
Using a quality commercial water filter has serious benefits for your operation. It helps keep your equipment running smoothly. A quality filtration system removes chlorine and chloramine which are harmful to plastics, steel, rubber and other parts of kitchen equipment. Filters help prevent calcium and lime buildup and remove other impurities which can clog machines and make them work less efficiently. Your equipment will last longer and work better with filtered water.

The Right Filter
There are many options for water filtration systems and the best system for your restaurant or commercial kitchen will depend on a number of factors. You will need to review the space available for the equipment, your budget, and your specific type of water usage. If your operation is beverage centered, investing in a higher quality water filter makes good business sense.

It is important to use a commercial water filtration repair professional to properly install your water filter. Be sure to change the filters and/or cartridges on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer and use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to ensure the filter works correctly.

Your Commercial Water Filtration Repair Team
The trained service professionals at General Parts Group will help you with proper installation as well as setting up and performing a correct maintenance schedule. If you have any problems, they will quickly and expertly handle your commercial water filtration repair needs.