What is the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA)?

CFESA training of foodservice equipment technicians

By – The Editor

If you work in the commercial foodservice world and have Certified CFESA Master Technician Uniform Patch ever used a food equipment repair company, you may have seen a logo with the acronym CFESA. If you have ever wondered what CFESA is, then please read on.

In short CFESA stands for Commercial Food Equipment Service Association and it is therefore the trade organization for field service companies who work in the commercial food equipment industry. So, what does that mean to you?

Why Was CFESA Formed?

CFESA was formed in 1963. The founding members identified the need for service companies to network and work towards creating both operational and educational standards. From these humble beginnings CFESA has flourished and the work of the various CFESA committees has been a big influence on how modern service companies in the food equipment industry operate today.

CFESA Certified Company

Firstly, companies can join CFESA and if they choose to do so, become a Certified Company, which General Parts Group is. Being a certified company means that you have met standards that help develop both your company and more importantly the people who work within it. One area of particular importance and benefit to customers is the ability of a member to support its technicians in becoming individually certified which is a great introduction to our next section.

CFESA Certified Technicians

As mentioned, a key principle of CFESA is the development of field commercial food equipment service teams, they are after all the people who have the most impact on our customers. To help set a high standard for the industry, CFESA created a certification process giving technicians the opportunity to proficiency in the subjects of electrical, gas, steam, and refrigeration. Technicians who pass one of these exams become a CFESA Certified Technician, those who pass three or more become Master Certified.

CFESA Training Center

To compliment certifications CFESA also offers classroom training at its offices in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Classes are extremely varied and cover a multitude of equipment types and are even tailored to the existing skills of the attendees. Training is offered by both CFESA training staff as well as by manufacturer partners. So, whether it be theory for beginners or in-depth technical training on combi-ovens, CFESA can help. CFESA training efforts do not end here, other courses are available such as dispatcher and soft skills training.

CFESA Management Training

Great technicians work for great companies and great companies develop great technicians. The relationship between the office and the field team is vital which is why CFESA also offers management training. Training is available for both entry level managers through to owners/presidents and is taught by the leadership of member companies. This training is vital as it not only improves what we do today but also helps deliver the leaders of tomorrow.

As you have read, CFESA is much more than a logo, it is an association that his helping to define an industry. An industry which is growing fast and is facing ever more complex demands. That is why our technicians and indeed the whole company displays the CFESA logo with pride.

To learn more about CFESA please visit their website at https://cfesa.com/