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Why Do You Need A Commercial Appliance Repair Service Company?

commercial appliance repair

If a piece of equipment breaks in your commercial kitchen, you just call in a service guy to fix it… right?

Well, if your business relies on your kitchen running flawlessly, day after day, it’s often not that simple.  You need a commercial appliance repair partner you can rely on, one which understands your equipment and your needs and can handle your requests in a timely fashion.  Settling on a single repair partner who can work on all your equipment both hot and cold can be beneficial to your entire operation.

Four Major Benefits from Picking One Commercial Appliance Repair Partner

  1. Have a single determined point of contact for repair needs

If a critical piece of equipment breaks, you don’t have time to spend looking for a service guy, making calls, and trying to figure out who can be trusted with your equipment.  You should have one number to call so that the problem can be sorted out in the shortest period possible.

  1. Have on-call repair staff who understand your setup

Much of the time, the equipment in a commercial kitchen is interconnected, often relying on each other in specific ways.  You need a repair shop that understands all of your equipment, not just the one piece which is broken, to ensure that everything functions smoothly together once repairs are made.  This becomes far easier to accomplish when you have a single commercial appliance partner handling all your repairs.

  1. Know your partner can work with any brand you invest in

When you pick a commercial appliance partner with a long history, you can rest assured that they will have the know-how to work with any equipment you have or might want to purchase in the future.  Professional service companies will be CFESA certified and authorized by dozens, or even hundreds, of major manufacturers specifically so that they are qualified to work on an entire kitchen both during the equipment warranty period and beyond.

  1. Get official OEM parts 

When you pick a random service guy, how can you know they’re only using certified OEM parts for your repairs?   You need to work with a repair partner closely, and trust them, to know they’re using genuine parts.  Close partnerships allow that level of trust.

General Parts Group

The service division of General Parts Group has 75 years’ experience repairing commercial foodservice equipment and can handle hundreds of different brands.  Contact us today to discuss your commercial kitchen repair needs.