Three Tips for Prioritizing Commercial Appliance Repair and Maintenance in Your Kitchen

Commercial oven repairWhen setting up a new kitchen and opening the doors to the public, it may be easy to overlook the importance of routine maintenance for their equipment. At the stage of purchasing new equipment, one might assume they should get years of use without needing much commercial appliance repair.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. High-use appliances -even new ones- need routine tender loving care through maintenance, to have problems relatively quickly. It’s important to stay on top of maintenance issues! Here are a few ways to do that.

Three Ways to Use Regular Maintenance to Reduce Your Need for Commercial Appliance Repair

  1. Prioritize preventative maintenance
    The expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is entirely appropriate for a commercial kitchen. Mechanical breakdowns aren’t merely expensive to repair on their own, they can cause your operation to grind to a halt, or even endanger your health-and-safety certifications. You should have a regular schedule of preventative check-ups and maintenance, continually watching over the performance of your equipment. Don’t overlook minor problems, either! If you or your staff notices something odd or off about the behavior of a piece of equipment, look into it ASAP. Often, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and hassle by dealing with a small problem before it becomes a big one.
  2. Make a checklist, sorted by importance
    Commercial kitchens are extremely complicated, with a lot of “moving parts.” It’s almost impossible for a single person to keep track of all the potential maintenance issues – which is why a checklist is invaluable. Ideally, this should be made at the time of installation. Quiz your installer, or your sales representative, about common failure points and any known maintenance needs. Use this to ensure your routine maintenance checks are comprehensive and don’t overlook elements that could cause critical failure later.
  1. Have a yearly professional checkup
    Don’t underestimate the value in having a professional commercial appliance repair group check over your kitchen. Trained pros will have an eye for smaller issues that are easy to overlook in a hectic professional cooking environment. They’ll be able to round out your preventative maintenance and prevent major malfunctions.

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