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Alto-Shaam Owner’s Tips for Maximum R.O.I.

Food Equipment Service

An Alto-Shaam Combi Oven is a versatile piece of equipment and therefore will become central to your kitchen’s operation. Combi ovens versatility means they can take over or replace several other pieces of equipment including convection ovens, steamers, kettles, smokers, fryers, and more.

How the Combi Oven Works

You may think the combi oven is just a convection oven and steamer, but it is much more. It is an advanced and improved convection oven because it combines the power, airflow, and faster cooking time of a convection oven with the added moisture and humidity of a steamer. The combi ovens are fine-tuned and you can control the humidity amount as needed for each recipe. This means that instead of steaming at only one temperature, humidity can be added to food cooking at a wide range of temperatures from 100 degrees to almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The combi oven replaces the dry air of a regular convection oven with moisture to quickly cook juicy and tender dishes. The airflow and humidity allow for more efficient cooking in higher volumes perfect for the busy kitchen. Many size options are available, tailored to fit the output of your restaurant and space available.

Installation Program

When choosing a combi oven, one should look at where it is going in the cookline, what side the controls are on, so that you can keep the control side from excessive heat or grease. This way you can use a shield for heat deflection or grease.

It is also important to have your combi oven installed by trained and Authorized Service Agents (ASA) who understand the Alto-Shaam three-step installation process. Step one involves a visit to your kitchen to make sure that your space is ready for your combi oven and what needs to be done before installation. An important topic not to be overlooked in the first step is a commercial water filtration system. Before installation, most Manufacturers require a water test performed when ordering your new oven. It is critical to get the right filtration installed to help keep your combi working to Manufacturers spec, not just for warranty requirements but also for the quality of foods it produces

Step two is the physical installation by the ASA and includes connecting the oven to gas, water, electricity, and drainage systems. This is a technical process and requires a professional.

Step three is the start-up process in which the ASA makes sure the equipment is working correctly.

Protect Your Investment

In addition to proper installation, it is also important to protect your combi oven by registering your oven with Alto-Shaam. This will establish your warranty and ensure that you will receive software updates and other critical notifications and information about your oven. You should also take advantage of the extensive customer support on the Alto-Shaam website including the latest software updates and other technical support. When in need of maintenance or repairs during and after the warranty period, contact General Parts Group, an Authorized Service Agent, to take care of your needs.

Maximize Your Oven’s Potential

Not only does Alto-Shaam provide a great deal of technical support on the mechanics of operating your combi oven;they also provide culinary support. Yes, they have chefs on staff available to assist you with your cooking questions and to make your restaurant shine. “The Alto-Shaam culinary team aims to inspire our customers every day.”

You can get menu consultations and learn how to maximize your oven to create exquisite dishes in less time than before. You can access recipes designed for the special features and unique strengths of your combi oven. They “have over a hundred culinary resources to help your creativity flourish when it comes to using your commercial kitchen equipment and preparing your menu.”

Trusted Team

The highly trained team of food equipment service experts at General Parts Group will handle all your installation and maintenance needs. They will also take care of any mechanical problems and handle your food equipment service issues and commercial oven repair.