Manufacturer Warranty Coverage Explained

Our Role in Your Claim

General Parts represents most major food equipment manufacturers for warranty service and agrees to submit warranty claims on your behalf. However, General Parts makes no determination inManufacturer Warranty paper the validity of any warranty claim we submit. Manufacturers solely decide whether to honor any warranty claim, in part or in full, and do not have to honor verbal promises. Any valid warranty claim will be explicitly outlined in writing in your equipment owner’s manual, or will have an authorization number from the manufacturer. Be aware that there are instances where claims with pre-authorization have been denied.

How to Avoid a Claim Rejection

There are many instances where a manufacturers warranty coverage typically does not apply. To help you better understand these circumstances, we have compiled a brief list of these items. They include but are not limited to:

• Failure by customer to identify the warranty claim at the time of service request.

• Failure by customer to provide valid proof of purchase.

• Operator error, misuse or abuse.

• Water related issues.

• Improper installation (electrical, water, drain, etc).

• Lack of routine cleaning and maintenance.

• Adjustments (calibration, leveling, etc).

• Replacement of consumable parts (gaskets, lights, knobs, etc).

• Freight charges for warranty component parts.

• Travel charges.

• After hours or weekend service.

Your Responsibility

General Parts personnel are continually updated on industry warranty policies and coverage. We will do our very best to bring to your attention any problems or concerns we find prior to submitting your claim. However, if after submitting your claim, a portion or all of it has been denied, or if it has not been paid after multiple attempts by us to collect, we will invoice you for those charges with an explanation and the charges become your responsibility.

Still Have Questions?

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