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Food Equipment Repair Industry – Our Customer First Community

foodservice repair technician and partnership

If you are familiar with General Parts Group, you will probably have read about why we love working as a support partner to the foodservice industry, with one of the primary reasons being a community. Few industries pull together to get the job done like ours, and you will see no greater example of this spirit than when competitors work together to help a client.

Teamwork in the Foodservice & Food Equipment Repair Industry

Recently a perfect example of this community spirit happened when a General Parts client, Chick Fil A, in Memphis, was in dire need of a replacement Garland Actuator, as they were one griddle down which is far from ideal on a very busy cook line. Unfortunately, General Parts had this item on backorder, so we turned to our vendor partner, PartsTown, and found that they also had this item on backorder. It turns out that the manufacturer of the item was due to make more but even they were out of stock due to supply chain issues! Not to be defeated, our Memphis branch manager Joey Simon started searching on the internet and making calls to see if he could find the item anywhere, and by good fortune, he called the folks at Whaley’s and found it was available at their Raleigh, North Carolina location.

Now, this is where the story comes to life. As Whaley’s is a PT Holdings company, Joey reached out to PartsTown Group Vice President, Kristen Nowak who just happened to be on vacation. Kristen still jumped into action that same day and contacted Whaley’s and organized for the item to be sent the next day air from Raleigh.

Why we love this story and want to share it?  It shows the power of community and how the food equipment repair industry, for all its development and growth, still values its customers first and foremost. Every service and parts company in the USA ‘gets it’, simply put, if we are not helping our customers service their customers then we are not doing our job.

Another Happy Foodservice Industry Customer

We would like to thank both PartsTown and Whaley for their outstanding support and our Memphis Branch Manager for being determined to help his customer. If you are wondering, yes, our customer was very, very happy!