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Foodservice Equipment Repair News – What is it Like to Work with Gordon Ramsay?

Ask anyone who works in the foodservice industry ‘what is it like’ and they will probably tell you, it’s hard work but fun and no two days are the same. As a supplier of foodservice equipment repair services, we can certainly attest to that. We need to fit seamlessly into the environment of where the equipment is located and get the customer up and running as soon as possible. This as you might imagine can throw up some unique challenges, but it is these challenges that we relish just like the wider industry.

So, when our Memphis team was asked to work on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back TV show they jumped at the chance. In fact, the General Parts Group’s Memphis team has worked on the show twice having initially been referred to the show by equipment dealer Associated Food Equipment & Supplies (AFESCO). This referral shows the community nature of the foodservice industry and we were delighted to receive it. Many thanks to AFESCO for putting their trust in our Memphis team and for giving us this unique opportunity.

In Season One, our Memphis team worked with Sherman’s Restaurant in Greenville, Mississippi and really enjoyed bringing this community place back to life. The restaurant rebuild was a true community affair and a labor of love for the town and all the people who came there to work. Our team served a critical role in removing all the important worn out equipment in the restaurant and replacing it with functional, state of the art equipment supplied by AFESCO. They had to make sure everything was in perfect working order and up to the highest standards to pass inspection by Chef Ramsay. They got the job done and done right and had the pleasure of attending the grand re-opening community event where the team leader Joey Simon was invited to speak and share a bit about the Restaurant Equipment Installation experience.

The team then had the pleasure of working with Chef Ramsay again on Season Two at Catfish Cabin in Memphis, Tennessee. Once again, they were equal to the challenge, removing and replacing four fryers and an oven with a six-burner stove top, under the pressure of the show’s short time frame. In the wee hours after a grueling day, their leader looked at the team’s-tired faces and aptly stated, “Mama said there’d be days like this.” Yes, except for a break between 3:00am and 4:30am the team really did work right through the night.

You may be wondering what it is like to work with Gordon Ramsay face-to-face. Perhaps you are wondering if he is as tough a task master as he appears to be? The short answer is yes, but fair, dedicated and passionate also spring to mind. Our team was personally thanked by Gordon as was every single person who worked on the shows with him. In a nut shell, Gordon reflects the industry we work in and love.