TurboChef Oven Error Codes & Repair Tips

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When it comes to expedited fast food service no other commercial appliance says fast cooking than does the My TurboChef Oven. Designed specifically to cook various foods quickly, this particular appliance needs to be properly maintained in order to avoid TurboChef oven error codes. Here is a list of error codes and brief description of what may be causing the error.  It should be important to note, any persistent error code or error codes that disable the oven should be checked by a certified repair technician to ensure all potential safety issues are addressed.  When in doubt, call in the TurboChef oven repair professionals.

TurboChef Oven Error Codes

F1 Blower

The first of the turbo chef oven error codes refers to a local electrical problem that keeps the oven from powering on. To fix this error first check and reset the circuit breaker. Once reset, unplug the oven for 2 minutes prior to turning the oven off mode on. Finally, unplug for 2 minutes before re-plugging the oven in and turning the oven on.

F2 Low Temp

One possible cause of this error code is also associated with a breaker issue. To fix, check, and reset the breaker before cleaning any clogged debris from the cooking platter. Additional to the stated troubleshooting steps avoid cooking food on the cooking platter.

F3 Magnetron Current Low

An F3 magnetron current low error code on a TurboChef oven refers to a tripped breaker and/or a defective circuit in the microwave. Here, place the oven in oven off mode for 2 minutes then unplug for 2 additional minutes before re-plugging the oven in and turning it to oven on mode.

F4 Monitor

This error code refers to the oven door being opened while food cooks or the door switches are no longer working. Please see the troubleshooting steps found in the manual for all the appropriate steps, to fix this particular issue.

 F5 Mag Temp

This error code simply means that there is no cool air flow coming into the TurboChef oven as the rear cooling fan exhaust is blocked. To repair, check for obstructions found in or around the fan vents. Secondly, check the rear fan and filters for debris; clean when needed. Follow additional troubleshooting steps.

F6 EC Temp

This error code refers to the same issues referred to in the previous error code description. As previously stated, the blockage of cool airflow to the rear fan is due to debris that has clogged the fan. Check for debris and clean as required before seeing the troubleshooting steps.

You will find that when the TurboChef oven is properly maintained, food will not only cook quickly but properly. While most fixes are easy, having additional help from a licensed commercial oven repair technician can ensure safety and successfully completed repairs. Contact General Parts Group for assistance for any of your commercial or TurboChef oven repairs. Their factory-trained and certified repair technicians are ready to help you get your commercial kitchen up and running.