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The Future is Bright for Foodservice Technicians

Image of a General Parts Group service van and techniciansAll companies, if they are being honest, have a subject on which they work harder on than all other subjects. A subject that keeps them awake at night. Ours here, at General Parts Group, is finding service technicians to hire and develop. So, while we’re in a reflective mood, here are our thoughts about the future and why we think it is bright for foodservice equipment technicians.

The Challenge
Well, simply put, there is more demand than supply; meaning the industry is not attracting and developing enough technicians to meet our customer’s needs. In a nutshell, we have work and we struggle to keep up with demand. Some might say this is a nice problem to have, but from our customer’s point of view it can be frustrating, and of course they are right. To aid the foodservice industry’s growth, the foodservice equipment service business must focus on meeting the demand, because ultimately, we are all shooting for the same goal, feeding people!

Benefits of Becoming a Foodservice Technician
Well, as mentioned in the previous section there is a lot of work, so job security is not an issue. In fact, General Parts Group has never in 80 years, laid off a technician due to lack of work! Second, the pay is quite attractive. There has been much discussion in our industry about how comparable wages are to other jobs that require a bachelor’s degree, and when you consider the debt of college, the financial argument for becoming a service technician only improves. Couple this with the fact that General Parts Group funds training, and even rewards technicians for becoming certified, it is easy to see why becoming a foodservice technician is a credible option for anyone mechanically minded who is looking for stable, well paid employment, but wants to avoid the time and expense of full-time college.

What Are We Doing About It?
General Parts Group offers a benefit package that competes well with other industries. Alongside the regular benefits of medical, dental, life insurance and PTO, the company offers profit sharing, on-call pay, tool allowance, uniforms, a company supplied vehicle and cell phone. We feel these tools are necessary to ensure we attract technicians who are looking for stability and a career – and career is the key word in this sentence.

We passionately believe that technicians should be given the resources that allow them to grow into career technicians. In order to do this General Parts Group offers multi-level training which consists of a mix of on-the-job mentoring and equipment manufacturer training. Underpinning this is our strong support for The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association’s certification program, all of which is funded by the company.

So, if you are a technician or are interested in becoming one, you appreciate the honesty of this blog, and you like what you have read, then perhaps we are the company for you.

Go on, give us a call 1 (888) 498-1238 or have a look at our open positions here!