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Why General Parts Supports School Nutrition Association Conferences

As a leader in foodservice equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs, General Parts Group invests time in connecting and networking with as many of its clients as possible. Attending conferences is an ideal way to do just that. Recently we attended the conference held by the Missouri School Nutrition Association which was held in Branson, MO at the beautiful Chateau-on-the-Lake.

In keeping with previous conferences, this year’s show was an engaging blend of educational information and dynamic speakers. Throughout the weekend, Food Service Directors, Purchasing Directors, Principals, and Lunchroom Coordinators attended seminars and continuing education sessions for their certification, staying current with changes in rules and regulations to ensure food safety and nutritional benefits for our youth. We have said it before, the individuals that work to ensure our school lunch programs remain top-notch, work tremendously hard. Learning best practices, keeping up with current trends, and sharing ideas on appetizing presentations of meals, made up most of the day for the conference attendees.

General Parts Group’s Involvement

At this year’s conference, General Parts Group was represented by Chris Jenkins, Business Development and Dean Wayne, Regional Sales Manager. In talking with Dean, this is what he had to say, “Not only do we attend the National School Nutrition Association conference each year, but we also attend the conferences held at the State level. We recently attended this meeting in Branson, MO, and will be attending the Indiana conference in a few weeks. We value attending the School Nutrition Association conferences as it provides us time with Food Service Directors and individual school teams, to educate them on how to keep their foodservice equipment clean and up and running, allowing them to focus on feeding their students. We also bring brochures for them to take back to their Facility Managers ensuring they are aware we are here to help with an installation or repair, and that we have replacement parts for them to conduct their own repairs if needed.”

“We want to ensure those responsible for the success of their lunchroom, know we have trained certified technicians who work on commercial kitchen equipment repairs; that they can rely on us for repairs and installation. If they choose to do inhouse repairs, we can certainly supply them with the parts they need. Some of these schools are located outside of our service territory, we want to give them another menu option to purchase parts from us. We want to make sure they know we are here to help. At the end of the day, we are Serving Those Who Feed the Nation®, attending their conferences is a fantastic opportunity to keep in touch with those who help us,” stated Dean.

For information on how General Parts Group can help your food equipment service, please contact us at 1 (888) 498-1238 or online.