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Time to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Cool and Breezy

Commercial Appliance Repair

It’s Getting Hot in Here!
It is summertime and things are heating up in the kitchen. The time-honored advice is “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. But you really don’t want your cooks and kitchen staff leaving when it gets too hot, do you? Here are some steps you can take to cool things off and help keep your staff safe, healthy, and happy.

No one wants fainting chefs or waiters. Drinking lots of water is important. A cold-water dispenser is a great addition to any hot and busy kitchen. Keeping your staff cool will help them work at their best and keep tensions and stress down.

Turn Your Walk-In Cooler into A Spa?
Is everyone volunteering to organize the walk-in cooler in the summertime? Are you tempted to turn it into a break room or special space? Think again. Constantly opening and closing the room and adding extra hot bodies will quickly increase your energy costs. It can even jeopardize food safety.

Exhaust Your Stove, Not Your Staff
With ovens, grills, and fryers going constantly, kitchens get super-hot in the summer. Add in the super-fast speed at which most chefs and kitchen staff must move and overheating is a real issue. An efficient exhaust fan or venting system will help beat the heat. Air exchangers are another option. Cool down your chefs and even reduce your energy costs. General Parts Group can help you install, maintain, and repair the right system in your commercial kitchen.

Circulate – Get the Air Moving
Installing the correct air conditioning or HVAC system is key. You can buy lots of energy drinks, and get your staff frozen bandanas but NOTHING beats having the proper cooling system. No one wants chefs passing out in the heat! Too often, kitchens don’t have the right sized units or the appropriate air venting to work optimally.

Keep It Moving
Imagine the inconvenience if your kitchen air conditioning or HVAC system malfunctions or breaks down? Not only is your kitchen hot, but your customers are going to be uncomfortable. Avoid disaster by properly maintaining your air conditioning or HVAC system. General Parts Group are experts in commercial appliance repair and will come to the rescue if you have a kitchen meltdown, but they’d rather help you with regular equipment maintenance. They can also show you easy daily maintenance to keep things moving. Simple steps like changing the air filters can make the air conditioning more efficient and cool things down. Using better quality filters are another easy fix.

Circulation Matters
The best system won’t cool down your commercial kitchen if you have equipment or supplies blocking the air vents. Having our commercial appliance repair specialists do a kitchen review can really help you beat the heat. Efficient equipment rearrangements can make a big difference at no cost. Adding windows blinds, and a few quality fans are very effective too. A new set of experienced eyes will get your kitchen cooled down and working great. And that means a happier and healthier kitchen staff and a better restaurant experience for everyone.

For more about our commercial appliance repair and maintenance services, contact General Parts Group today!