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The Right Commercial Oven Repair Team

Commercial Appliance Repair

General Parts Group is an independent foodservice equipment service company and therefore believes that the best piece of equipment a restaurant can have is the one that makes it money. Independence gives General Parts the ability to work with virtually all equipment brands, many as a warranty authorized agent. Working with many different manufacturers can certainly add a little extra challenge to our business but it is a challenge we are prepared to meet to ensure our customers are given the service they need.

The Right Pizza Oven
There is no one size fits all for the perfect oven. The choice depends on a number of factors including your budget, kitchen space, utilities (gas or electric), the volume of cooking activity, ventilation, style of restaurant, and even what type of pizza and crust you make most and if you’ll be baking other items. General Parts Group recommends that you visit with your local foodservice equipment dealer or manufacturer rep to review your options. Make sure to have as much information about your plans when you meet. Is your new pizza oven going to be the centerpiece of your kitchen or on public display? What are your menu options, how much space do you have and what are your capacity requirements, to name a few? Knowing all these things will help in identifying the right unit for you.

-Pizza Conveyor Ovens
Commercial conveyor ovens are workhorses able to handle more volume than deck or convection ovens. As the name implies, these ovens use conveyors belts to move the pizzas through the oven. They can be stacked for more production. They are the fastest type requiring no preheating, cook quickly, and have minimal heat loss. Little skill is required to use properly once the basic calibrations have been made. The newer models offer more control for more precise cooking. Daily maintenance involves cleaning the conveyor and finger holes. The machine should be taken apart and cleaned at least once a month.

-Pizza Deck Ovens
Deck ovens feature heated stone or steel platforms called decks which cook the pizzas placed directly on them. Deck ovens produce crispy crusts very similar to hearth ovens without all the expense and space. Decks take quite a while to heat up if cold (much longer than conveyor or convection ovens) so they are not suited for low volume restaurants but are great for pizzerias. Decks take a bit more skill to operate but the newer styles are more even and consistent. Clean daily to remove sauce, and crumbs from the stone and oven.

-Pizza Convection Ovens
These ovens cook via circulating hot air and evenly cook pizzas. Convection ovens work well in small spaces and countertop and freestanding versions are available. They are good for small scale operations with low volume. Once heated, they cook quickly and maintain their heat. Scrub daily to remove food and residue. The intake fan should be cleaned each week.

Whichever type of pizza oven you choose for your restaurant, the foodservice equipment team at General Parts Group can assist you with kitchen maintenance and commercial pizza oven repairs and will be able to support you right through the lifecycle of your pizza oven. Call us today at (888) 498-1238 or contact us online.