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Why National Skilled Trades Day Matters

A sign stating Great Opportunity Ahead in the Skilled TradesThe 5th of May was not just Cinco de Mayo this year, it was also National Skilled Trades Day. This new celebration of the skilled trades was created by City Machines Technology Inc in 2019 and brings much-needed focus to the skilled trades that literally help keep America in business.

If you are wondering why there needs to be a National Skilled Trades Day, it is a good question which we hope to answer in the blog. For many years now there has been a shortage of skilled labor in the United States, no industry is immune to this shortage and as you would imagine, it is of concern to companies like General Parts Group that rely on skilled labor to deliver their foodservice equipment repair services. There has been much debate about how this shortage transpired, with many agreeing that the skilled trades simply fell out of fashion, especially as more and more children and young adults were encouraged to stay in the classic school/college education system longer in the belief they would get better jobs with higher earning potential.

The Benefits of Skilled Trades

It is this ‘better off in college’ belief that more and more skilled trades-based businesses like ours are challenging. We are countering the argument with a different point of view. Firstly, not all people are the same, not everyone thrives in the classic classroom environment and not everyone has the finances to fund a college course. This is where the skilled trades offer a tangible alternative, please consider the following.

1. Entry into the skilled trades requires an aptitude for the trade, in question, there is rarely a qualification roadblock to entry.

2. You earn as you learn. Entering the skilled trades does not mean there is no education, there is lots and lots of education. General Parts foodservice technicians, for instance, experience a blend of on-the-job training, equipment manufacturer schools, and trade certifications through our industry body CFESA. You can read here how General Parts supports the CFESA training program.

3. Skilled Trades workers do not amass debts before they start working. Not only do you earn as you learn, what you do earn is not going to pay off college debt.

4. The skilled trades can be a stable career, not just a job. For example, General Parts works in the commercial food equipment repair industry servicing schools, restaurants, military bases; literally anywhere where there is a commercial kitchen, people will always need to eat!

Learn More About Joining General Parts Group

If this blog has caught your interest and you would like to know more about becoming a technician in the commercial food equipment repair industry, then please visit our careers page here.

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