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Workplace Safety is Priority One at General Parts Group

Image of Safety First signs
By Gary Shermann, CFSP – President, General Parts Group

At General Parts Group, safety is not just our number one priority, it is paramount in everything we do. Our employees are the cornerstone of our company and without them, we cannot meet our customer’s expectations as to how we will conduct any work we do at their business or establishment. Every person, no matter what position they are in, contributes to their own overall safety as well as those around them when on the job.

Creating A Safe Workplace

What does it mean to work safely? In the safety world, it means that at the end of the day, everyone returns home in one piece or better, but is that enough? Being safe is more than exercising caution when things get risky, it is about being ready for any possibility. Safety is not about luck. It’s about specific, intentional actions that avoid a potentially harmful situation.

New Safety Initiatives for 2020

Going forward into 2020, the safety culture of the General Parts Group will see many improvements. We have created a new position of Safety Coordinator and are pleased to welcome Madeline Meacham to our team. Ms. Meacham brings with her, experience in metal/plastic manufacturing as well as food production safety. She is excited to learn more about General Parts Group and will be discussing safety issues and ideas with our employees directly to ensure they have the right tools to do their job safely, when on the job site. Her goal is to enhance a culture of safety that encourages open communication about any safety concern that an employee may have.

Get Safety Information & Commercial Appliance Repair Today

We recognize it is important that our employees are trained properly to conduct commercial appliance repairs, it is equally important everyone is ready to work safely and we hope that this new system will help to create a safer workforce within General Parts Group. For further information or questions please contact Madeline Meacham, Safety Coordinator at (952) 944-5800 x3122.