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What Our Clients Say About Our Service

Hi Laura,

The guy from gp was great. He really knew what he was doing with the oven. Watching him sure made the other company look even worse. He did a great job.

Appropriations Office
Yavapai County

Brian And Joe Did A Phenomenal Job In Difficult Conditions And We Could Not Be Happier With The Results. Thank You For Great Techs!

Alexander Poulos
GM/VP of Sales/Marketing
Jade Range/Beech Oven


You are awesome. Thank you and your office for resolving the issues at this location so quickly. HUGE SHOUT OUT!!!!

Ken Hurst
Technical Field Service Specialist
Franke FoodService Americas

We’d like to recognize our General Parts Partner for all his work to keep the parts & pieces moving for us on Game Day! Matt has saved the day many, many times all Gopher Football and MN United Season. Thank you for always being here, Matt!

Brady Buresh
Director of TCF Stadium
University of Minnesota


Thanks for sending Robert out so fast to pull my bacon out of the fire! He found the burnt wire quickly and got us up and running.

Also, the freezer door looks and works so much better. Thanks!


Todd Eanes
Director of Food And Nutrition
St. Joseph’s Hospital


Most are so busy throughout our day that we don’t stop and acknowledge a person, or a job well done.  I wanted to drop you a note about Luke Wells.

I met him on the Cerner job site for a new Jackson flight dish machine yesterday.   Luke did all the right things.

  • He was on time
  • Prepared
  • Knowledgeable about the equipment.
  • Made excellent suggestions about how to take care of machine and typical issues he sees as a service tech that were helpful to the operator.
  • He communicates the ideas in a clear style for the customer
  • Coordinated perfectly with me as the Jackson rep on site.

Luke was a true professional and I was more than impressed with him personally and General Parts.  Many of these issues may seem to be basic concepts but are often forgotten or ignored.  Not with Luke.  Please pass on my appreciation and let others at General Parts know how much I appreciated Luke’s service and professionalism.   Luke’s standards are an excellent for other techs to emulate.

Hope all is well with you.

Kelly McArthur
President / Owner
Kain McArthur

Rick/ Travis-

I wanted to let you both know, how appreciative I am for your team. With the school year starting back up (yesterday, and we all survived!) Chris, Matt and team have been beyond stellar!

I also wanted to send a huge thank you for Jared’s help this weekend. He was amazing; kept me in the loop, allowed me to help via remote, and was on top of what he could do! I realize at times my situations are ‘hair on fire’ more than not, and he didn’t sweat it!

You have a great support system, that ALWAYS makes me look good with my clients and for that I am grateful.


Facilities Coordinator
M Dining (U of M)

“Thank you, I received the application, I will be sending it back as soon as possible. It was wonderful working with you, We got it done pretty quickly. I especially like the teamwork and proficiency and quickness, You were very prompt in returning calls and typing up the order and getting it shipped out. I like the professionalism that was applied to this order. I wish there was more technical services like you out there. I will enjoy working with you in the future, Thank you, again, Tim Aumiller. Please send me a hard copy of the paid invoice, Address listed below Have a good day Sir”

J&J El Paso, Espresso Specialty Services LLC
Veteran OIF, OEF and Anti-Terrorism Task Force.
Owner Small Business and partner Group

“The parts worked perfectly to fix my broken refrigerator. No more water all over the floor, and dripping into the basement. Thanks for the help.”

Web Customer

“I’d just like to tell you how much I appreciate how the engineers in General Parts write their technical comments. I am trying now to complete the exercise of the HSG data… and their comments help me a lot! I wish that all the engineers around the world could do like them!”

Michael W Crawford
Director of Service Food Division
Electrolux Professional, Inc

“Good Afternoon Everyone,
Congratulations to our technician Todd Luedtke! I received a service call from, Jim Van Rossum, at Boulder Beer Bar, in Boulder Junction, WI. He said, I would like the technician who came to my restaurant, The Guides Inn. The gentleman who came out here was very polite, knowledgeable, and personable. He did such an excellent job that I will be using him for both of my restaurants hands down! Excellent job! Hats off to Todd, for such an awesome job!!!”

Camyra Jackson