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Air Quality in Your Commercial Dining Room

Beautiful restaurant dining room

Photo by Quark Studio from Pexels

By Michael Brown – Regional Sales Manager
Air quality is a very important part of the indoor dining experience. Imagine walking into a new restaurant that you have been excited to try out. That first scent as you walk in the door tells your customers a lot about how their dining experience will be. Crisp clean air is much better than a combination of every ingredient being cooked in the kitchen and the mop sink.

Your guests also want to feel comfortable knowing that the air they are breathing is as clean as possible from potential micro-organisms (germs, viruses, and bacteria).

RGF Magnetic Wall Mount - Item #PHIPKG1424

RGF Magnetic Wall Mount - Item #PHIPKG1424

RGF Magnetic Wall Mount - Item #PHIPKG1424

General Parts Group has a few options to help keep the air smelling fresh and crisp. Incorporating a regular  HVAC planned maintenance program that includes changing the HVAC filters is the first step. Second is installing an air treatment system like an Ultraviolet (UV) light or Ionization system. Both systems create the same result but with different technologies.

UVlight systems have been used for decades in the medical industry to destroy micro-organisms. UV lighting with newer technology such as RGF’s Photohydrioionization® (PHI) can be easily installed in any HVAC system. This technology is very effective at actively eliminating micro-organisms, vapors, and odors within a space.

Ionization systems such as Nu Calgon’s iWave® use a bi-polar ion generating method. It injects positive and negative ions into the air stream creating a plasma region. As pollutants pass through this region they break down and are caught in the air filters more easily. When micro-organisms pass through this region their hydrogen molecules are removed so they have no energy source and die.

Nu-Calgon iWave-C Air Cleaner - Item# 4900-10

Nu-Calgon iWave-C Air Cleaner- Item# 4900-10

Both of these air purification systems along with regular planned maintenance of your HVAC systems will provide your guests with the freshest air and keep them coming back.

If you are interested in either of these purification systems or any of our other HVAC services then please contact us or call  1-888-498-1238.