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How Water Quality Affects Hot-Beverage Appliances

The cleaner your water, the more certain you can be that your commercial hot beverage maker provides a tasty, high-quality drink for clients. Many businesses ensure this happens by investing in a water filtration system to boost water quality. General Parts Group has helped hundreds of commercial clients by providing food equipment service in Chicago […]

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HELP, My Ice is White!

Have you noticed that your commercial ice maker has been a little off lately when it comes to ice production? Perhaps it has started producing white and frosty ice rather than the familiar, clear ice your customers love in their cocktails. White ice can be an indicator there is more than meets the eye with […]

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General Parts Group Celebrates & Highlights 2018 Successes

The new year has come and gone and time seems to be flying by. This year General Parts Group will be turning 80-years-old, so, first of all, we’d like to thank all of our customers around the country for their continued support, we look forward to working with you another 80! Before closing the book […]

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The Importance of Understanding the Color of Your Gas Flame

No matter what size your commercial kitchen is, keeping all of your appliances in working order is important, especially when it comes to your gas range and oven. Did you know that the flame color of your gas appliances can actually indicate when you need commercial appliance repairs? It is true! For decades, General Parts […]

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General Parts Group Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Before saying too much else, we’d like to start by thanking all of our dedicated customers for choosing General Parts Group for their commercial appliance services. We could never have gotten as far in our 79-year history without developing relationships with amazing clients around the country, strengthening these bonds each year through dedicated service. Since […]

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