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General Parts Group Goes Above and Beyond, Literally, for Commercial Appliance Repairs

Geoff Settle, CFESA Master Technician at General Parts Group’s Boise, Idaho location recently had a most interesting work commute. As an Authorized Service Agent (ASA) for Jackson Warewashing Systems, he got a service request for a Jackson DishStar® in a very remote Oregon location. Servicing a large rural area covering several Western states, the GP […]

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Alto-Shaam Owner’s Tips for Maximum R.O.I.

An Alto-Shaam Combi Oven is a versatile piece of equipment and therefore will become central to your kitchen’s operation. Combi ovens versatility means they can take over or replace several other pieces of equipment including convection ovens, steamers, kettles, smokers, fryers, and more. How the Combi Oven Works You may think the combi oven is […]

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Top Reasons for Using Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Water, Water, WaterWater, it is one of those “little things” that can easily slip under your restaurant’s radar but can make a big difference for your bottom line if you give it some attention. Good for The EnvironmentWith the rising awareness of the damage being done to our oceans and other water sources by plastic […]

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The Best Tips for Food Equipment Service

Commercial kitchen equipment is increasingly more complicated with more moving parts and electronics than in the past. Our number one tip to ensure your commercial kitchen equipment is off to a great start is – have it installed by an Authorized Service Agent (ASA). This is the best way to avoid a number of problems […]

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Cut Your Prep Time with a Commercial Food Processor

If you are using fresh ingredients and creating on site, you can cut your prep time significantly with the right commercial food processor. Rather than having workers spending valuable time chopping vegetables or shredding cheese, let the right equipment do the tedious work instead. And food processors can do much more specialized tasks such as kneading dough […]

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