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Why is Induction Cooking Growing in Popularity?

Induction heating is an increasingly popular way of cooking fresh meals and otherwise reheating prepared food. It does not use an open flame nor does it employ a direct electric current that heats a metal coil to directly heat the food. Instead, induction heating uses the power of magnetism to cook any food placed in […]

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Tips to Maintaining Your Commercial Rotisserie Oven

More often than not, there are a lot of different factors to running a successful restaurant and while you have a plethora of different resources available in your kitchen the one resource that has proven faithful time and time again is the rotisserie oven. Two of the most common factors, why the rotisserie oven is […]

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The Importance of an Accurate Temperature in a Commercial Oven

Anyone who works in a restaurant or other large kitchen understands the critical need for a consistent and accurate temperature in the establishment’s commercial ovens. Maintaining the proper temperature can be tricky, however, if you do not utilize quality, restaurant-grade equipment. Here are some other facts to help you understand the importance of maintaining accurate […]

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How Water Quality Affects Hot-Beverage Appliances

The cleaner your water, the more certain you can be that your commercial hot beverage maker provides a tasty, high-quality drink for clients. Many businesses ensure this happens by investing in a water filtration system to boost water quality. General Parts Group has helped hundreds of commercial clients by providing food equipment service in Chicago […]

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HELP, My Ice is White!

Have you noticed that your commercial ice maker has been a little off lately when it comes to ice production? Perhaps it has started producing white and frosty ice rather than the familiar, clear ice your customers love in their cocktails. White ice can be an indicator there is more than meets the eye with […]

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