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What is the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA)?

By – The Editor If you work in the commercial foodservice world and have ever used a food equipment repair company, you may have seen a logo with the acronym CFESA. If you have ever wondered what CFESA is, then please read on. In short CFESA stands for Commercial Food Equipment Service Association and it […]

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Back to School Kitchen Re-Starting Basics

By Pat Findley – Master Certified Lead Technician It’s almost time for schools to welcome back their students which means re-starting the school kitchen. The following blog is full of useful information broken down by equipment type, outlining what I check and test to ensure a kitchen is ready to serve hungry students. Commercial Dishwashers […]

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Evolving Technology in Foodservice

By – The Editor The foodservice and restaurant industry may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of technology, especially if you are imagining super hi-tech space aged technology. Well, you might be surprised as all the signs are that outside of large manufacturing our industry is in fact, an early adopter. Automation in conjunction […]

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Help My Commercial Refrigerator is Slow Cooling

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician We at General Parts Group receive a lot of calls from customers saying that they have a refrigerated unit that is cooling slowly. Obviously, the customer has noticed that their unit is taking an extended period of time to bring product down to temperature, but why? Here are […]

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Winner, Winner, Great Chicken Dinner

By Michael Angelo – Parts Sales Manager Everyone who works in or for the foodservice industry know that it’s a tough gig, you can go from hero to zero so fast it’s frightening. We understand this at General Parts Group, and we see it at our customers; that is why we focus so much on […]

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