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Education Leads to Growth

By JR Weber – Director of Sales The one constant in the foodservice industry is that the industry is continually evolving.  The constant evolution of foodservice is one of the many characteristics that make it so enjoyable.  However, this constant evolution also presents its own challenges as well.  The foodservice industry lacks any formal education […]

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Turn-key Foodservice Equipment Replacement

By Michael Brown – Key Account Manager In today’s environment, many are having to make hard choices between repairing commercial kitchen equipment or investing in foodservice equipment replacement.  Money is tight as sales are down and profits are squeezed even thinner.  That is why each decision surrounding your commercial kitchen equipment is so critical. Previously […]

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Not Just an Installation Trailer

By Jason McGillivray – Director of Operations General Parts Group has long had the goal of being a one-stop foodservice equipment partner for its customers and vendor partners. To deliver on that goal the company has been developing its services as well as expanding its territories. Nowhere has that service development been seen more than […]

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Technician Onboarding the GP Way

By Ann Gall – Training & Development Specialist We are often asked what it is like to join General Parts Group as a technician, ‘how do you guys start a new technician out?’ It is a great question, after all, it is quite complex getting a service technician into the field, with tools, a truck, […]

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Disinfecting – A New Role for Field Service

By Jason McGillivray – Director of Operations Without a doubt 2020 has been a challenging year. It is safe to say that at no other time has the world spent so much time discussing health, and how to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially true in the foodservice industry, which as […]

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