Alto-Shaam Combi-Oven Error Codes – A Quick Tutorial

Alto-Shaam combi-oven
By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician

Alto-Shaam combi ovens are a valuable tool for many chefs, schools, restaurants, and more. They are a finely tuned piece of equipment that requires skill to service. Did you know the touch screen lineup or CTP series, can give you error codes to help figure out what may be wrong? In this blog, we are going to break down some of these error codes, what they mean, what you can do about it, or if your Alto-Shaam combi-oven needs repair or service by a trained professional.

Let’s start with a blank screen.

Verify unit is plugged in, if applicable, and the circuit breaker is on. If those two issues are fine, you will need to call a trained technician to properly diagnose the unit.

E105 is a low-pressure or no-water error.

Start by verifying the hoses are all connected and not kinked, also make sure the water is turned on to the unit. Another possibility is a clogged water filter or reverse osmosis system not functioning.

E109 is the high limit is tripped.

You can try to reset the limit and if normal operation resumes, you should be fine. If it happens again, you will need to call for service You could possibly have stuck electrical contactors, shorted elements, or even a weak high-limit switch.

E2 refers to your control compartment being too hot.

This could be caused by a non-functioning cooling fan, improper installation of being too close to an extreme heat source, blocked cooling fan intake, or other issues. It is important to call for service to keep from damaging expensive components in your combi oven.

E100 refers to your maintenance reminders on the oven.

If this appears, go to your maintenance reminder screen and see what is past due.

E88 and E89 are gas related and your burner has failed to ignite.

Check your gas hose and quick connections to ensure they are properly connected verify the gas is on, and try to restart the unit. If there is no ignition, call for service. You may have one of many possible issues that could cause this.

The following errors are related to your VFD (variable frequency drive), or what controls the blower fan speed and direction or rotation.

E5 and E6

Denote communication failures from the VFD to the control board.

E7 and E8

Refer to error codes given by the VFD and can be used by a trained tech in conjunction with LEDs to determine issues. Any time any of these arise and does not clear, please call a trained technician to diagnose the unit.

Alto-Shaam’s combi-ovens have hundreds of error codes. A best practice when you confront an error code is to write it down or take a picture of it. This will help the service technician to properly diagnose the unit. Remember, if any of these error codes do not clear, please reach out to a factory-trained service professional to get your unit running like new again. We at General Parts Group are ready to help you when needed. You can reach us at 1-888-498-1238 or request a service visit here.