Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Level Cooking

Alto-Shaam vector oven

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician

Alto Shaam’s latest oven is the Vector, a multi-cook oven.  This oven is versatile and has 2, 3, or 4 shelves, also referred to as a zone, allowing each to have their own unique temperature setting. This allows for a wider variety of products to be cooked at the same time, in the same oven. Each shelf features its own blower and element assemblies. The hot air is forced into the product from top and bottom to cook food fast and efficiently. Countertop models are ventless and have a small footprint of 21 inches. This allows the end user more flexibility while saving precious space under the hood.

What to do if you are experiencing issues with your Alto-Shaam vector oven?

  • Blank or black screen
    Check to ensure the unit is plugged in, the circuit break is on, and the disconnect on the back of the oven is turned to the on position. Once these are all verified, press the on/off button. If this does not turn the oven on, please call for oven service.
  • Zone or shelf not heating
    This could simply be that this particular zone is not set to preheat, or there is no menu selected for it.  If it is in preheat mode and doesn’t make it to operating temperature, there could be several issues causing this. IS the blower running for that zone? If not, it will not heat. If the blower is running but that zone is still not heating, there may be an issue in the heating circuit that needs to be addressed by a factory-trained technician.
  • Door handle not lighting up
    IF the unit is not in an active cooking cycle, the handle light will be off. Also, the light may be disabled on the options screen. If you are in a cooking cycle and the light is on in options, please call to have the issue resolved by your local Factory Authorized Servicer.
  • Cooling fans
    Vector ovens feature multiple cooling fans. This helps ensure the control cavity and all of its components are cool and operating normally. If you look at the back of your oven, you will see several metal mesh filters. These may be held in by a small screw for shipping. It is important that you pull those filters and clean them regularly. Ensure they are fully dry before reassembling. If your filters are clogged, the unit may overheat, and possibly cause a preventable service call. These fans should be on if the oven is on.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or any others, please reach out to your local General Parts Group service location to schedule service on your oven.