Autofill Maintenance Items by General Parts Group

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By Michael Angello – Parts Sales Manager
Planned maintenance (PM) is regularly scheduled maintenance that helps keep your commercial food equipment in the original manufacturers specification and has the added benefit of reducing the chance of future breakdowns. In the restaurant and foodservice industry this is a must! A PM takes both time and materials. For our customers who prefer to do their own PM’s, keep reading this blog to learn how General Parts Group can help take the hassle out of the materials part of this process.

When I was in facilities maintenance, managing the equipment of 15 locations, I had lists and schedules of when and what type of parts I needed for each store’s equipment maintenance. I had auto email alerts and a physical calendar of when I needed to complete each PM. However, my pain point was finding the time to get all the items together to get the job done. Little did I know that in a few years’ time I would be working at General Parts Group, where they have a program that does exactly what I needed by organizing the items required and having them on-hand at the right time, in the right place.

Autofill Will Streamline Your Maintenance

With Autofill by General Parts Group, we assemble all the parts and supplies you need and organize them into convenient kits. We set up these kits based on your specific equipment requirements, and we offer maintenance items for refrigeration, HVAC, ice, and cooking. Each kit is customizable, and you can even select how often you would like the kits sent to you.

If you need help with identifying the items needed, we have the experience to assist you. For example, if you are working up a PM for a Rational combi-oven for the first time, we could let you know the items recommended by the manufacturer. We even consider how heavy the usage of your unit is!

Get Expert Maintenance Advice

We can also give you efficiency advice. Filtering your fryer oil saves money and extends the life of the oil, requiring less new oil to be used. With Autofill you never run out of filter paper. The same argument applies to air filters, belts, chemicals, ice machine cleaners, descalers and water filters. We have all the PM supplies you need ready to send out at the frequency you need. We can even supply consumable items you may want to have on hand such as Carb-Off cleaners and Fryer pucks to name just a few.

Autofill saves time, money, and headaches of sourcing all the items. Managing your budget with Autofill is easy, when you set up your order the prices are locked in for one year. There will be no price adjustments until the maintenance plan comes up for renewal. You will know how much each kit will cost and the price will be the same for the entire year. When it is time for renewal, a parts specialist will reach out to see if there are any changes; if you need to add some parts, remove parts, or keep it the exact same. Best of all, Autofill is not a contract, just let us know if you need to cancel, and you will receive no more shipments.

Reach Out to Our Team for Commercial Cooking Equipment Maintenance

Using Autofill is simple and easy, just set it and forget it. Reach out to a General Parts Group, parts specialist today to discuss your maintenance needs.