Commercial Convection Ovens – Are They Worth It?

commercial convection oven baking bread

By – The Editor

A convection oven refers to a type of oven that uses a fan, or fans to circulate hot air rather than only relying on radiated heat from the heating elements or gas burner. Convection ovens are able to cook food slightly faster and more evenly than traditional ovens by circulating the hot air around so it envelops food and cooks it from all sides. There are many commercial kitchens that utilize convection ovens for a variety of reasons. But are they really worth the investment? Keep reading to learn about using convection ovens in a commercial setting so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your facility.

Uses in a Commercial Kitchen

In commercial kitchens, convection ovens can be used for a variety of different cooking tasks and menu items.

Some of the uses of convection ovens in a commercial setting include:

Accelerated cook times – Convection ovens provide a faster cooking time for quick baking, browning, and roasting. While foods will cook faster, their surface will be dry from the fans moving the heat. This is great for a scrumptious chicken, but not for a cake.

Low-temperature cooking – Convection ovens can cook food at low temperatures, which is particularly useful for more delicate items like fish or slow-cooked meat dishes.

More even cooking – Convection ovens use fans to circulate the hot air around the food providing a more even cooking, even with the use of multiple racks.

Benefits of Convection Over Conventional

Many chefs, kitchen managers, and restaurant owners who have tried convection ovens find them to be superior when compared to conventional ovens. Some of the benefits include:

  • Not having to rotate food as often
  • Better browning and crisping of different foods
  • Quick preheating
  • It’s easier to cook multiple dishes at the same time
  • Greater flexibility to cook foods on multiple racks

Cleaning and Maintaining a Convection Oven

Maintaining your convection oven is an important part of extending its lifespan and keeping it working at a high level for longer. Some general cleaning tips include:

  • Cleaning it daily using soap or mild detergents and water on the exterior and interior
  • Using a commercial-grade cleaner that’s not abrasive for deep cleaning
  • Using commercial stainless-steel cleaners that spray on and wipe off if you have a stainless-steel exterior
  • Using quality glass cleaner or soap on the oven door glass daily to keep grease and similar debris from discoloring it

Commercial Oven Repairs & Maintenance 

If you notice any issues with your oven, it’s a good idea to call for commercial convection oven service so it keeps working properly. You should always keep a close eye on how food cooks in the oven. If you notice inconsistencies in cook times or the coloring of the foods, you may have an issue that requires repair. Convection ovens are also usually quiet, so if you notice louder noises that seem labored or choppy, you may have issues with your fans that require commercial oven repairs or OEM commercial oven parts.

Whether you ultimately choose to use a convection oven in your commercial kitchen is up to you, but there are a lot of benefits to making the change. If you have a convection oven that requires attention, book a service call with us today.