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Do OEM Parts Really Matter?

Shelving of OEM replacement parts in our warehouse
By JR Weber, Jr – Director of Sales

The short answer is YES! Ok, but why? Your foodservice equipment is an investment. When making your equipment purchase, you likely spent a significant amount of time ensuring that your investment met your safety, reliability, and performance requirements. Being realistic, no matter the manufacturer of the equipment and how well it is cared for, break downs can still happen. Knowing this, it is important to understand who the Authorized Service Agency is that will be servicing your equipment both in and out of the warranty period.

Yes, OEM parts DO matter and there are four main reasons they do really matter.

The first and most important reason is SAFETY. We consider safety as a top priority. Not only for our field food service technicians but for our partners as well. Genuine OEM parts were designed specifically for each piece of equipment and are the same parts that were used during manufacturer testing to ensure the safest operation possible which plays a part in keeping your facilities and the people in them, safe.

Reliability: Just like an automobile, your foodservice equipment has a sequence of operations in which each component relies on the previous component in the sequence. Using OEM replacement parts will ensure that all components in your kitchen equipment are satisfying all other components as it relates to the sequence of operation. Although aftermarket parts may look the same, there can be small differences in specifications that could significantly impact the reliability of your equipment generating unwanted expenses due to repeat repair costs and equipment downtime.

Warranty: When you purchased your new piece of foodservice equipment you likely received a parts-and-labor warranty. Part of that warranty is the requirement to use genuine OEM replacement parts. Installing non-OEM parts could void your warranty potentially causing out-of-pocket expenses that otherwise would have been covered by the manufacturer. After the initial parts and labor warranty is over, it is still important to continue to use genuine OEM parts to protect your equipment and keep it in the original design and operation specification. Most manufacturers include a part warranty for components that fail within 90 days of installation, so no matter the age of your equipment, it’s warranty is a factor when comparing aftermarket parts to OEM parts.

Performance: Let’s face it, you purchased your equipment to perform at the level required to produce your specific menu. OEM parts are designed specifically to handle the workload needed for that menu. Installing aftermarket parts can hinder the performance of your equipment which also has a negative impact on your product output. In addition to the quality of the products you are serving, any inefficiencies can cause an increase in utility expenses.

Get OEM Parts with General Parts Group

General Parts Group chooses to promote the use of original OEM parts in both our food equipment service operation, as well as our food service parts distribution operation. We feel that protecting your investment as well as the safety of our employees and customers is important and providing original OEM parts helps us achieve that goal.