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Food Equipment Manufacturer Partnership Feature – Blodgett

In this manufacturer spotlight feature, we feature a company that is one of America’s preeminent manufacturers of commercial foodservice ovens. With a global footprint and an extensive range of products, Blodgett is a company name that everyone recognizes. Nevertheless, here are some things about Blodgett and its relationship with General Parts Group that you may not know.

Blodgett’s Food Equipment History

Gardner S. Blodgett built his first oven for a local Vermont tavern owner in the gold rush year of 1848! So, with 171 years of growth, you could say Blodgett also hit gold that year. Today Blodgett produces Convection, Hydro Vection, Hydro Vection with Helix technology, Combi, and Deck Ovens, in addition to Rotating Oven Racks, Ranges and Steamers. To meet the needs of its customers now and into the future, Blodgett is relocating to a new 180,000 square foot facility in Essex, VT that will include a state-of-the-art training center. As proud Vermonters, Blodgett looked long and hard before deciding on this location. This ensured that Blodgett would keep its local workforce, which it sees as critical to its success and brand quality. In addition, this space will allow Blodgett to undertake the additional production of other Middleby Corporation brands such as Market Forge and Marsal Pizza Ovens.

Get O.E.M Parts and Food Equipment Service Today

General Parts Group has been working as an Authorized Service Agent and O.E.M. parts distributor with Blodgett for over 45 years. Key relationships such as this take commitment and continual training to ensure that we keep current with the ongoing development and innovations at Blodgett. As an example, we have rotated groups of our commercial appliance repair and service technicians to Blodgett’s Training Center to attend a specialized Certified Combi school, and other continuing education programs. We look forward to many more years of our collaborative and successful partnership with Blodgett.