Food Truck Equipment Repair & Service – How to Minimize Downtime

Foodservice equipment Repair

Operating a food truck can seem like chore when things are not running smoothly, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive chore. After a day of serving a long line of customers, the last thing you want to deal with is unnecessary repairs that may have been avoided with simple upkeep and food service equipment repair when needed. In order to keep your food truck in the best condition for serving your customers quickly, the following areas should always remain properly maintained.

Cooling System & Refrigeration

Although your food truck may not have the space to fit a full-size fridge you will still need to treat your refrigerator as if it were. By keeping the main cooling components clean, your unit will maintain the appropriate temperature for your operation. Begin by pulling the unit out to clean the floor, coils and the condensers. Doing this weekly if you are often parked in a dusty location is highly recommended to maintaining your unit in top form. Additionally, maintenance costs can be greatly reduced by checking the cooling coils to ensure proper cooling temperatures are being produced. In order to keep your cold foods from becoming hot,

Cooking Equipment

The cooking area is a well-traveled area and, as such, should be paid close attention when it comes to food service equipment repair & maintenance. You are operating in a small footprint so it is important that all equipment is working at its best. In order to properly maintain this area clean and calibrate all burners making sure all grease and debris is cleaned away from the cooking area as to avoid kitchen hazards. Additionally, make sure all thermostats are properly calibrated where required. The cooking fan and surrounding area should also be spotless.

Don’t Forget Your Commissary or Stationary Prep Kitchen

If your operation entails a commissary or a stationary kitchen where you prepare food for your truck, store product and supplies, you need to have a plan-of-action for that food service equipment maintenance and repair as well.

Do you have a preventative maintenance regime set up to ensure you are running strong for the party season, festivals or setting up at the State Fair? Whether on the road or in a fixed location, consider General Parts Group’s food service industry certified technicians, for your maintenance and repair needs. No need to leave your location to have emergency repairs conducted, General Parts Group will come to you. If you prefer, you can leave your truck at one of their 29 service locations.

Properly maintaining your food truck will not only keep your customers coming back for more but maintenance preventative measures can keep your truck operational for a longer period of time. Please seek out a certified food service maintenance or repair technician for all your commercial kitchen equipment repair needs.