General Parts Group Celebrates Company Milestone

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General Parts Group has offered commercial food service appliance repairs since 1939. Now, as the company nears its 80thanniversary, they were approached by Business in Focusto sit down and have a discussion about the foodservice industry, business, and the next 80 years. General Parts Group President Gary Schermann spoke about the history of the company and what clients and employees can look forward to in the future.

“In a time and age when it’s less about relationships and more about money and ‘what have you done for me lately?’ we’ve really been successful stressing our handshake means something,” Schermann said.

Schermann spoke about the company’s long-term goals and stated that General Parts Group aims to be a leading national provider of installation, comprehensive repair, maintenance services

and replacement parts to the commercial food equipment industry. He also mentioned how grateful he is that he and his team has weathered the ever-changing commercial food equipment industry over the past 80 years.

“It’s a tribute to all our team members past and present,” Schermann said.

One of the primary reasons for success, according to Schermann, is the company’s relaxed culture, coupled with the quality of the employees he works with. Because staff members feel comfortable at work, they stay with the company for years. This means that clients have a chance to develop long-term relationships with General Parts Group employees.

General Parts Group focuses on treating team members as family and putting an emphasis on maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Schermann himself began as an ordinary team member in 1996 and worked his way up the ladder.

“Our goal is to make this the place everyone retires from,” he said.

Another recipe for continued success has been General Parts Group’s willingness to invest in food service technology, strengthening the industry in which they work. Through outreach and other strategies, the company has invested in burgeoning technologies like smart equipment and robotics.

General Parts Group also recently donated their services, partnering with the Restaurant Facilities Management Association’s RFMA Gives program to rebuild a Salvation Army kitchen in Phoenix.

“We care about our people, and we care about our customers and our manufacturing partners, and that’s what got us to the eighty years, and I think that’s what will keep us around for the next eighty,” Schermann said.

General Parts Group owes a large part of their achievements to the partnerships they’ve maintained throughout the years, which is why they would like to thank Alto-Sham and Middle by for their sponsorship of the recent article in the Business In Focus magazine celebrating their successful 80 years.

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