General Parts Group Explains the Importance of Offering Parts & Services in the Restaurant Industry

class=”TextSpace”>In a restaurant, if something breaks down or needs replacing, it is in the best interest of the restaurant owner to find a quick solution. At General Parts Group, we carry over 1000 (OEM) original manufacturer parts and have industry Certified/Trained appliance repair technicians who can service any restaurant equipment. Whether you require commercial oven repair service or refrigeration maintenance, General Parts Group is your one-stop for all your restaurant needs.

What Should You Look For When Purchasing Restaurant Parts?

Restaurants are incredibly busy environments, so when looking to purchase restaurant parts, General Parts Group recommends you find a company that can both sell you the parts and offers you services when you need them. This way, when something breaks down you can expect quicker service in a time frame that is less disruptive to the restaurant’s normal operation.

For example, when your oven breaks down and you require oven repair service, the appli

ance repair technician from General Parts Group will be able to replace the required oven parts, install them and check to make sure that the oven is working to yours & the Manufacturers specifications, savi

ng you time and money. In addition, the benefit of having a company that is familiar with your restaurant’s equipment makes it easier for them to realize what may be causing the problem.

Avoid Purchasing New Equipment until it is Necessary

Having the same company that sells you parts and service for your commercial oven will create efficiencies in the appliance repair technician’s time. When the appliance repair technician is familiar with your usage and the changing condition of your equipment, correcting problems quickly; identifying when a piece of equipment should be replaced in order to get the commercial oven repair completed as soon as possible, is the name of the game.

General Parts Group was originally founded in 1939 as a manufacturer and distributor of restaurant parts. After witnessing that most restaurants are fast-paced, high-stress environments, General Parts Group has expanded to conveniently offer parts and services all from one convenient location. To learn more about General Parts Group and their extensive line of products and services, visit their website at

About General Parts Group

General Parts Group is a provider of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Services. Founded in 1939, the company has grown to be a distributor of O.E.M. parts and provides service for over 60,000 customers and 400 manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment. Corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and with major branch operations strategically located in Arizona(3), Colorado, Florida, Idaho(2), Illinois, Indiana(2), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri(2), Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma(2), Oregon(2), Tennessee, Texas(2) and Wisconsin(2), we are ideally positioned to provide Quality Service for over one-third of the United States. We are viewed as the market leader in most of the markets we serve and in terms of overall sales, General Parts Group ranks in the top five independent service companies nationally.